Spirit Detectives
3 Spirit Detective Agency
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Spirit Detectives
Author :Eleana_Lee
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3 Spirit Detective Agency

Rei peeked into class 2-A from the door and looked around. Some girls in the class looked at her weirdly but she ignored them.

"Oh, hello, Rei," Shuichi greeted when he saw Rei standing by the door. He walked over to her and smiled. "Did you come to look for me?"

"Yes," Rei said. "Nagisa said you're going to the bookstore today and asked me to tag along. I'm going to buy the new Jump and a magazine for Daisuke and Ruka."

"Sure, I'll just get my bag," Shuichi said, walking back to his desk to grab his bag and say his goodbyes to his classmates. He walked back towards Rei and they left the school together.

"What are you looking to buy?" Rei queried.

"Nothing fancy, really. I'm getting a new cookbook so we have more variety for dinner," Shuichi answered.

"Oh, speaking of dinner, I should go do my groceries after," Rei said. "But it's nice that you can cook. I'm not a good cook, and Daisuke is getting better at holding onto physical objects but he keeps to simple dishes. I think he's still afraid of burning the kitchen again."

Shuichi chuckled. "You can come have dinner with us sometimes," he offered, "but make sure you tell Yamada and Miyagi that you're coming. I'd rather not have them kill me."

"I'm sure they're not that bad," Rei said. "Ruka at least won't kill you."

The two made their way to the local bookstore and Shuichi insisted on going to the supermarket with Rei. He did get some groceries for himself so Rei didn't feel as bad. He also helped carry some of her groceries home, then bade her goodbye and went on to his own house.

Rei opened the door and didn't even get the chance to say anything before Daisuke appeared in front of her.

"What took you so long?" he whined.

"I went to get your book," Rei said, handing the new Jump to Daisuke, "and I went to the supermarket after."

"Oh, let me see what you bought," Daisuke said as he followed Rei to the kitchen, where she began to unpack. "Oh, good, you got more miso paste. I'll make some miso soup tonight."


Ruka soon joined them downstairs although she was quickly occupied by the gossip magazine. For a spirit guardian, she was surprisingly invested in lives of celebrities.

Their nights were always spent together, because sometimes Rei had to leave early for club practice. She is part of the volleyball team, but has only been part of the substitute team thus far. Still, she only played for fun so she didn't have any problem with it.

The next morning, Nagisa dropped by again.

"Morning, Nagisa," Rei greeted when she saw the girl. "Would you like something before we go?"

"I'm good!" Nagisa exclaimed. "Daisuke, we're going to have a gaming session tonight. You should borrow Rei's laptop and play with us!"

"Why is my laptop being hijacked?"

"So you can study without distraction," Nagisa teased.


"Oh, you know," Nagisa started, "I was talking to Shuu-nii yesterday, and I got thinking. You're a medium, and Shuu-nii is an exorcist. Why don't you start a spirit detective agency?"

"A what?"


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