Spirit Detectives
4 First Case
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Spirit Detectives
Author :Eleana_Lee
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4 First Case

"A spirit detective agency," Nagisa repeated. "You know, it's a common plotline for comic books."

"I think you and Daisuke read too many comic books," Rei said.

"Hey, don't diss it before you try it," Nagisa said, looking offended.

"What brought this on?" Rei asked. "I don't think you would have randomly come up with this idea."

"Why not?" Ruka asked. "She seems pretty random to me."

"Well," Nagisa started, "I was walking home yesterday and I came across a young girl crying by the playground. I tried talking to her to ask if I could help her but she couldn't hear me. That's when I realised she is probably a ghost."

"Wait, how come you can talk to me then?" Daisuke asked.

"It's probably because of Rei," Nagisa replied. "When I'm close to Rei, I can be in contact with spirits. Ghosts know that Shuu-nii can see them, but they don't know that I can see them too, which is weird."

"You're not an exorcist too?" Ruka asked.

"No, I don't have the ability to," Nagisa said with a shrug.

"Pity. I was going to ask you to exorcise this troublesome ghost since the other Ohtori won't," Ruka said.

"Ruka, play nice," Rei reprimanded while Daisuke went off to sulk.

"Shuu-nii won't?"

"Yeah, for some reason," Ruka answered. "He won't tell me why though."

"Because I won't hurt Rei," Daisuke said suddenly, having joined them again. "But… you'll have to ask him the full reason."

"Maybe one day," Rei said.

"Anyway, let's go to school. You can have a think about it," Nagisa said. "Shuu-nii said he will help if you decide to do it."

"Okay, I'll think about it," Rei conceded.

"Let me know how the first case goes," Ruka teased.

"Shush, Ruka."


"You know, when Nagisa said spirit detective agency, this isn't what I had in mind," Rei commented.

Shuichi chuckled beside her. "Knowing her and the circumstance that brought this about, this is probably what she meant."

"Us spirits need justice too!"

Rei sighed as she glanced at the distressed fox spirit beside her. It took the form of a small, orange fox and was currently sniffling as it looked down at an empty box.

"So let me get this straight," Rei started, "you went out to play in the woods yesterday, and when you came back the offering box was empty."

"Yes," the fox spirit confirmed. "Thief! They stole my snack!"

"I thought spirits can't eat," Rei said. "Ruka never eats."

"I suppose some chose not to," Shuichi said with a shrug.

They were currently staking out behind shrubbery near the shrine, watching to see if anyone would come up to the altar and steal the offering again.

"How is this my life?" Rei lamented.

"But doesn't this make it more interesting?" Shuichi asked. "Maybe next time we can ask Yamada or Miyagi to tag along. Yamada is surely bored to be at home all the time."

"You're right," Rei said. "Daisuke will be excited at being able to go outside again."

Suddenly, they heard rustling, and a figure jumped out from behind the opposite bushes onto the altar.

"Thief!" the fox spirit yelled.

"Hold it right there!" Rei exclaimed.

An object was thrown and hit the figure straight on the head, knocking it down. The three walked over and saw a dizzy monkey lying on the ground.

"Hm, so a local monkey saw the offering and stole the food," Rei said. "This is anticlimactic."

The fox spirit humphed. "I'll have to make sure they won't steal from me again."

"Sure, we'll leave it to you then."

"Rei," Shuichi started, "did you just throw your shoe at the monkey?"


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