Spirit Detectives
6 Club Activity
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Spirit Detectives
Author :Eleana_Lee
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6 Club Activity

"Say, Rei," Daisuke started one night as they were having dinner. "The elder Ohtori is part of the judo club, isn't he?"

"Yes, why?" Rei asked.

"And Nagisa is part of the photography club?" Daisuke continued.

"Uh huh."

"Which club are you in then?" Daisuke wondered. "I don't think I've ever seen you be involved in any club activity."

"That's because she's in the go home club," Ruka piped up.

"What? That's not good, Rei," Daisuke said as he frowned. "You have to join a club, enjoy the true experience of being a high school student!"

"You speak like an old man," Ruka said.

"Well," Rei started, "I don't know. I don't have any eye for beauty like Nagisa, and I'm not strong or agile like Shuichi-san. I can't cook and I'm not good at anything, really."

"Aw, Rei," Daisuke said as he walked over to the girl and hugged her. "That's not true. Well, why don't you join the judo club anyway? They won't expect you to be good when you just start out, right?"

"Actually, I was banned by Shuichi-san," Rei said sheepishly.

"What?" Daisuke asked in surprise.

"Ah, you weren't there yet at that time," Ruka said with a sigh.

"What happened?" Daisuke asked again.

"It was her second year of junior high," Ruka started. "Ohtori was the captain of the junior high judo club, and this suicidal girl decided to join the judo club. She was a newbie, and hasn't learned how to properly break her fall yet. Another too enthusiastic newbie did a shoulder throw on her and she hit her head hard on the mat."

"Ouch," Daisuke winced.

"Yeah, I escaped with light concussion, but I was a bit confused for a couple weeks after," Rei said, "like, I could forget what I was saying, or where I just put things. That's why I was banned."

"But you're fine now, right?" Daisuke asked.

"Oh, yeah, this girl is just a natural klutz," Ruka confirmed. "I say he's too overprotective, but knowing you, it will probably happen again so it's probably for the best that you stay away from the dojo."

"You're being mean, Ruka," Rei said with a sulk.

Ruka sighed and reached out a hand to brush Rei's hair back. "You're a stupid girl, that's why I have to be mean."

Rei allowed Ruka to pet her like a cat, while she thought. "But you're right. Maybe I should join a club, after all. Maybe I can make more friends."

"That's the spirit!" Daisuke cheered. "Why don't you start with home ec? Then you can bake cakes or pastries, or make chocolates."

"Ohtori doesn't like sweets, though," Ruka said.

"He likes wagashi, though," Rei said, "and mochi. I suppose he's a traditional Japanese."

"Oh, then maybe the tea ceremony club? Is there one in your school?" Daisuke asked.

"I don't think they teach you how to make the wagashi," Rei pointed out. "But maybe I'll start with home ec. Then I don't need to buy Inari's snacks all the time and can make them instead."

"I heard my name," Inari said as he bounded into the dining room and hopped up onto Rei's lap. "What are we talking about?"

"Rei decided to join the home ec club," Ruka said.

"Oh, that's good," Inari said. "Be extra careful when you have to handle knives, okay? But I'll put a good luck charm on you anyway to prevent that from happening."

"Thanks, Inari-chan."

"No problem. Anything for my snacks."

"That's your only reason!?"


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