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12 The story of the monk
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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12 The story of the monk

Earlier, when people still knew how to hear, and not sit, buried in a small window, where all their world fit ... I happened to hear a curious story in sartaroshane. An experienced traveler, a researcher slowly knew sartarosh about his adventures. Here I am, along with the thread of his story, going to the world of his wanderings ...

In the mountains of Malguzara and Koytash, it was sometimes possible to meet dervishes - wandering monks from various orders. They visited Tibet, the Himalayas, the Pamirs, the Sivalik Hills, and also saw the oceans. Monk walked along trade routes, caravan paths, visited many countries and learned the world.

Once I happened to meet a monk in the steppe, he admired the clouds and the turquoise sky. As is customary in the east, he wished me peace, and I told him the same. Then he asked about health, was it my way. It was dinner time and I suggested that he share his meal with me, he agreed and, in order to make it pleasant, told me a curious story. But first I sang poems in a special way:

Full moon night owl cry

Wading nightmare under the window

Just sleepy, someone can hear: sleep ...

Falls asleep tired city.

Who does not sleep, gives a ridiculous decree.

Yes ... this morning they shot,

A hand was raised on the trees-houses

Little owl quiet gently whispered ...

They and the toads gently echoed ... May

He takes all his and without demand,

Who does not sleep, then he will say, I just did not know ...

Including how the roses were painted?

This, too, happens, superstitions take up over the enlightened, they do not think that any life is valuable. Be it a toad or a splyushka.

- That is, you want to say, dear, that they do not care about the conservation of biodiversity, violate the ecosystem? - I asked, and he answered - they are doing the work of the enemy!

Monk said - Do not say that, they do it out of ignorance, whether they are proud, whether desires lead them along this path, who knows? It can be seen that human nature is such, some leave behind them gardens and vineyards, and others only scorched desert.

- Or maybe this is just revenge, for something, someone?

- Who knows…

- Anyone with power, does not think about those who are powerless.

Monk being in distant lands, overseas countries have seen a lot of things. Everywhere the scenery is different, but the nature of people is the same. Though they have, even in our kingdom-state. There are people - creators, creators, gardeners, sowers, builders who want to make life easier, to place hope. There are bark beetles ... they are destroyers, lumberjacks, devastaters who can only select, seeking to complicate life, instill despair in the hearts of people.

But in one country, an empire far to the east, I met amazing people ... They learned the laws of life and the nature of people, learned how the world works, understood what good and evil are, saw the essence and came to the only truth. These are people walking along the path, and this path is the road of life, the path of the enlightenment of consciousness. Not everyone can achieve it. Sometimes even these best of those living in their souls can have breakdowns, emotions take upwards. But people can be wrong, therefore they are people. Not everyone is strong, stumbled, back on the road. He who says he has reached the path has strayed from him. He who says that he did not reach him approached him.


Sartoshkhona - hairdresser

Sartosh - hairdresser

Koytash, Malguzar - mountains

Sivalik Hills - Himalayan foothills


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