Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
13 Eastern aphorisms about the way, trade, human nature
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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13 Eastern aphorisms about the way, trade, human nature

- Subjective experience of mistakes ...

- For a good career you need to say that everything is just great, great, amazing. In this case, in no case ask questions, of course, if there is no desire to show off wit and ruin your life.

- Past merits, achievements, awards mean nothing, they are just pieces of paper, which are usually waved away.

- While you are young, they will use it, you will be wiser, you will stuff cones, you will be kept away.

- Education is a panacea for idiocy. But is good education

- If suddenly, after a ten-year drought, heavy rain begins, it means that the flood is likely to be soon.

- If suddenly, after a twenty-year drought, a tap with water opens, this means that the water will soon become invaluable, that is, it will depreciate.

- If you donate a house, from generosity, then it seems that there is a ghost in it, because no one takes it, they just give the hut. Not for nothing, in ancient times Argolides and their gifts were so feared.

- If suddenly, in the old house, they are doing repairs, then this is a new intrigue.

- In the jubilee year, miracles happen, but from them, there is frost on the skin, jubilee years as well as leap years, they expect a lot from them, but everything turns out to be the most unexpected.

- If you are in the east, then you shouldn't be surprised with a wide smile, bright glitter in your eyes, unctuous tone, flattery, like the change of mood, of the same person at the moment. Cold and domineering tone, rage in the eyes, outrageous rudeness, bitter words. It is enough only for this to have a bright and beautiful sun illuminate the person or, on the contrary, go into the shadows.

- Glory, prestige, well-being, happiness, influence, etc., are not decided by luck, not by hard work, not by selfless work, but by the click of the fingers of the sun. He was lucky if he had not stepped on a tail or a shadow. Well, if not ... then everything, hello, nothing shines. And the sun here is a big clan boss.

- To make it all good, first there must be failures and mistakes!

- Flattery and hypocrisy are good for life, but disastrous for the human soul.

- The truth is one, but the truth can be much, and each has its own.

- Initiative and burning eyes from creativity are good only when there is support. Then even at a young age you can soar like an eagle over the abyss of despair. When there is no support, it only attracts the attention of the tiger and then salvation is only a leap into the unknown or become a snack.

- The truth is sometimes very ugly, terrible, terrible, so it is easily replaced with a lie and then everyone is happy. In addition to those who got the nuts and forgot about them to tell the truth. Well, this is nothing ordinary, the right is the one who has the power and money. Why be surprised? If there is only one truth, that there is justice, but it does not act quickly, it may take forty or even a hundred years to put everything in its place.

- Paper tiger - Home lion, on the street dog.

- Either the immortal Taoist or the traveler, the first wizard, the fabulous hero, the second reckless fool, can tell the truth

- Sage in the shoes of a fool, a fool in the shoes of a sage, the first is happy, the second bit

- When you eat dinner with a tiger, even a fool becomes a sage.

- When a fool dines with a tiger and continues to be a fool, he becomes the main dish at this feast

- In the East, revenge is the sweetest dish, it is like honeycomb honey. Teeth stuck in honeycombs, honey glues mouth. Not everyone is ready to refuse such a treat, although he understands 80 percent that this may be a trap. But ambition and desire to feast on honey in honeycombs above caution.

- A wide smile in the East means disagreement rather than agreement.

- What distinguishes Eastern people for Westerners is the ability to express thoughts in a streamlined, ornate manner; speech is fertilized with abundantly oriental spices such as thin and medium flattery, sweeping smiles, sweet words, although they are not true when Western people have power, power, money. When he loses them, he can also be told what everyone has been thinking about him all this time.

- What is the difference between a western person and an eastern person - in that he says what he thinks, and not what he wants to hear. Can not answer beautifully, ornate, with flattery. He says what he sees, feels, experiences, feels with all the fibers of the soul.

- "To sogarat purast benushon va nush kun" - While your bowl is full, drink and give to others.

- Hamero mor Megazat Moreau Harchasonak" - Everyone is bitten by a snake, and we are a stinky beetle.

- "Darin Shak Nist" - Yes, you are absolutely right.

- "On niche be in nish nimi arzat" - That honey is not worth those stings.

- "Sir asholi gustrestne habar nadorat" - Fed hunger does not understand.

- Who do not know, do not like.

-No one realizes his lack.

- The truth bends, but does not break. For truth, there is no death.

- If you are right, then the conviction will end with an excuse.

- Soup from cheap supplies is not tasty.

- Do not touch the tired, do not touch the exhausted. Because in such a state people are angry.

- When there is gold in the hand, there is no price for it (that is, it doesn't appreciate good when it owns it).

- Hit yourself, if it doesn't hurt - then hit the other.

- For a good cause there is no late.

- I did it once - help, I did it twice - it became a habit.

- Drunk ayran (sour milk) got rid of, and licked a bucket (in which there was milk) got caught.

"If it is time to put up with you, then put up with time."

- Drop by drop - the lake will be.

- On the words of another, speak - well, but do not lag behind your business.

- If you consider yourself a man, then consider another a lion (that is, consider the dignity of others).

- I saw it once - knowledge, I saw it twice - acquaintance.

- Without labor, the craft does not happen.

- To bend an oak means to break it.

Among the barley comes across weeds.

- Is the soul sweeter? Is halva sweeter?

- New jug and water is clean.

- Do not sing someone else's song, sing your song.

- And a little stone will break your head.

- The grass does not grow on the salt marsh.

- For the payer and five a lot, but for the recipient and six a little.

- The flour worm and from under the millstone comes out whole.

- If you find the money count, if you meet a man try.

- Be a companion to a blind man, but do not be a heartless companion"

- Hidden blind, will not find sighted.

- Do not help the unworthy person.

- Speak a word to that, understands.

"Ask for advice from someone who has worn your shirt."

- A good word is food for the soul, a bad word is a stake for the head.

- Talking as a joke, tells what's on his mind.

- Whoever regrets himself, he will regret the other.

- Every satellite has an intention.

- And free vinegar is sweeter than honey.

- When the enemy army withdraws, the number of brave men will increase.

- Let it be old clothes, if only it was not dirty.

- Do not say useless words, do not refuse to pronounce useful words.

- A lot of words - a treasure for an ass.

- The wound from the saber heals, there is no wound from the tongue.

- From a prickly rose comes out, from a rose - a thorn.

- If you go to a feast - go before. Coming early - choose a good place.

- Going on a straight road stumbles upon the treasury, going along a curve for trouble.

- Where there are a lot of shepherds, there are a lot of sheep disappears.

- The dog rushes to the vanquished.

- A dog caressing the owner is thrown a bone.

"There is no night without a thief; there is no mountain without a wolf."

- And a croak frog if you step on it!

- A hen that shouts without time is cut off its head.

- The trick of a woman luggage for 40 donkeys.

"Husband and wife are a pair of oxen joined in a yoke."

- Between a husband and wife, only a madman becomes.

- A good wife - well-being at home.

- Choose a bride looking at her mother.

- The old cotton does not go to the canvas, the hardened enemy will not be a friend.

- There are few friends and thousands, and one and many enemies.

- Silly friends with the enemy and quarrel with a friend.

- From a good man will remain the name of the evil slander.

- If you have a neighbor curve and you squint eyes.

- If you sell a carpet. sell to your neighbor, sit on the tip of that carpet yourself.

- If you are calm, then the neighbor is calm.

- A clever enemy is better than a stupid friend.

If you serve a good person, you will be appreciated; if you serve a bad person, you will not be rated.

He said good things - he will judge, he said bad things - he laughs

Good people speak with love, angry, saying bite

The good knows the price of the good, the bad does not know the price of the good

Clever - hint stupid - stick.

Don't be stupid - don't talk a lot

Stupid will forget the place of his homeland

Stupid people don't like to listen to instructions

All wealth from consent - and ruin from disagreement

There would be food and the boiler there

Forty days thank the one who fed you one day

Working in the winter - wear sable fur, if you don't work you'll tremble all winter

If you go to knead raw skin the sole will be, if you restrain your voi of passion - you will become king


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