Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
22 Is he a mad scientist or is he lucky?
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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22 Is he a mad scientist or is he lucky?

Farshid was a scientist, a bibliophile, well, in that century, such people were valued for sharp mind, encyclopedic knowledge. Now it replaces the "iPhone", provided that the Internet does not hang like an autumn leaf in the wind.

Our scientist was also stubborn, thought that only he was able to find the light in a dark room. Rummaged in book dealers, archives looking for something. Dug in old maps and found ...

I learned where there is a treasure! He went to make a report! I wrote ... and went to dig myself. In those days, the bowels of the Earth did not belong to the people but to a specific bay. So he went to him, showed the cards, the manuscripts, and they agreed to divide the treasure by 40 by 60! Quite fair. Bai gave him time 10 years!

A mad scientist Farshid, plunged into the wilds of the pampas, no, of course not the pampas, but simply began to burst into the old mines and mines. There was a new century in the courtyard, events taking place in Europe did not interest him.

With varying success, his investigations were carried out, in the Apple Gorge, in the White Mountain, Farshid, a little - if he had not collapsed, he got off with a knee injury. But I found a diamond tube, though the stones were small. In the middle of the century, they would fit in as industrial diamonds, but then, they were of no value!

In the ravine of the gorge "Seven Waters", it was filled up twice with the ground, but he could get out! Littered five kg of gold.

In the village "Winter Fortress" in the old ruins of a caravanserai, I found a treasure of gold, silver coins and jewelry, precious stones. Small such a jug, earthen ...

While Farshid was digging in the mines of the White Mountain in search of diamonds, he washed gold on the Seven Waters and searched for turquoise in the Sheep Mountains. Months, years, decade passed.

The world did not stand still ... it was degraded or, on the contrary, developed.

Whack and revolution, one, then the other, the Tsar abdicated the throne, left and then completely ... sorry for the poor fellow. Cousin did not save, although he was kin.

Buy fled not be a fool. Immediately after the first, February.

But the frenzied Farshid, everything was digging in the ground and disappeared in the mines, where local activists tied him up, after another 15 years, overgrown as a wood goblin or a mountain man. With frenetic eyes that burned with the feverish fire of an adventurer.

A pile of gold nuggets, jugs with silver coins, fragments of turquoise, small diamonds were found in the mine, but there were no decorations. Everything naturally nationalized.

Farshid, brought to the area ... sat down for a month, checked him, who is he, not from the bourgeois class? Do not grandee? No, it turned out to be the most simple, peasant roots, from the plow.

Scientists learned himself. Well, he was released on leave to his native village ... Of course, he was followed. He went to the book in the city and leaked ... No matter how much they looked for, they could not find. But the entrance and exit was one ?!

Who would know that the second-hand bookseller had a secret passage and an underground tunnel of the 12th century, for three hundred meters, that went to the Tartar Canal.

He didn't want him to go to the wall, but simply to see how he would behave, then they wanted to use him to help geologists look for the riches of the earth, and he was stupid, picked up and gave a tear.

He knew the secret trail secret paths, mountain passes, and so and escaped, reptile. Did not find him.

Only in the 50th year in London, one Mr. Farshid Tartarsky published a work in three volumes about the treasures and the method of their search in the mountains and valleys of the glorious Big An.

Then the activists learned that Farshid had become a successful trader, apparently he was able to find wealth in India according to his method. But it was only known that he was a great-nephew to a certain, inconspicuous merchant Mergen and nephew of the artisan Batyr.

These are the stories were in the last century yet.


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