Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
25 Baraz“s stories about different things 2
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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25 Baraz“s stories about different things 2

Somehow Baraz asked the question - Is the conversation a poll or a hidden meaning?

It is very, very difficult to talk with a specialist who is especially knowledgeable of the subtleties of human psychology, the soul, who is able to covertly control consciousness, to direct the object of study in the right direction. They are guys from the committee, they think very differently.

As one of the examples cited in the article "Sly Question" . It seems to be a simple answer. But no, with a tuck. Although, of course, from the point of view of science, it is controversial. Since the second answer is rather a hypothesis, there are different geographical schools that interpret it differently.

A man in the street immediately thinks of a simple answer. A specialist asks a question such as to probe a person, to understand how he thinks. The question even requires its answer at all, how much it determines whether the object of research can see cross-border but hidden from the usual view interconnections.

Probably, this is done in order to determine whether a person is able to guess the mood, thoughts of his immediate superiors. Here a few require scientific analysis, how much operational thinking, the ability to put separate and seemingly seemingly different fragments into a single map or picture.

The answer is not typical, rather leads to the opposite result, than the "examinee" thinks about him. Since very smart or rather even "smart-line" comrades in this work are needed, but not as analysts. Since - the requirements are completely different. Namely, you need a person with an uncluttered mind, that is, without knowledge of special technologies for searching, collecting, processing and analyzing information. "Clean sheet", it is preferable.

Too wise, and even having an "operational mind" does not fit the very fine work. After all, then, at the slightest understanding that the situation smells like kerosene, such an employee will begin to ask a written order so that he will not be subsequently drained like ballast. The "white sheet" will take the initiative, try and in the end, it is quite suitable for the role of the sacrificial animal in the worst case, and at best will be the "cat's paw" collecting hot chestnuts.

Conversation is a test, with an attempt at mental suppression of consciousness. And here the questions are rather necessary not only for obtaining specific information, but also interesting from the point of view of what reaction to them follows.

In the end, who follows the rules, turns out to be the loser. But in the "tricky question" story, the wrong answer from the point of view of a specialist is still the right one from the point of view of evaluating a potential employee. Naive fools who know how to analyze large amounts of information have always been valued. Their minds lie only in one plane, they can solve the research tasks set, with the backwardness of the "operational mind".

At the same time, the "operational mind" requires good intuition, statistics of similar cases, some key information.

The history of science, on the one hand, is simple, but on the other, very complicated ... And here the researcher should remember the "tricky question." Sometimes it is better to stop in time so as not to deviate from authenticity and move into the field of artistic fiction and following very interesting, but still hypotheses.

Secrets, "white spots", riddles - in fact, long ago were unraveled, studied, investigated and even published. Here is the truth, only not everyone has access level to them. The separate ones are forgotten and not replicable.

Therefore, it seems to me that many researchers are rediscovering already open, but observable data. Nevertheless, it is always useful, develops thinking and allows the world to see from different angles.

But I remembered the old story, our professor in history told us - "Sign or an enlightened soul?"

In the night there was a shout - "Shoo, Shoo!" Then, the question is - the gate was closed on the bolt? Checked out? From the night there was a voice - the owner, everything was checked and closed. At the gate hangs charm, a house under the constant supervision of the guys from the guild "shield and sword." No one will pass! Did you have a dream? Not now, the answer came, at night you can't tell dreams!

Two workers went around the estate again. Everything in its place. Set down by the fireplace ...

There was an incomprehensible noise. Send him, turn on the light, but did not find anything. Fear crept into the heart of one of the workers.

Early in the morning, someone knocked on the gate three times, opened it, and there was no one there.

They went into the kitchen, and there in the evening lay a whole heap of bread, all of a sudden, they saw it, bitten. Workers thought, maybe someone wound up in the house? Rat or brownie what?

It is necessary, probably, to conduct a purification ceremony, and for this, the house should be smoked with dry, special grass, expelling the powers of darkness, so that it reaches every corner.

The workers cleaned the house, laid out the goods in the store, watered the yard, sat down to rest in the upper room. Suddenly, there was a terrible roar - all night, the serfs did not sleep, or what? In the doorway is sleepy and angry, the owner, says what it smells like?

No, your-yours, they slept, a little, so they cleaned up the house, laid out the goods, sat down to translate a little, the workers answered. And it smells like special grass, banishing the forces of darkness! Well, well, stepping heavily, the owner remarked and left to fill his bedchamber.

Steps rang out around the house, the owner decided to come back, washed himself, with a heavy look he looked at his workers and said, he had a very interesting dream, but a terrible dream. But there is a sign of such a dream that dreamed at night to tell only in the morning, so that it would not come true. Workers nodded their heads, we know, we know. You can still buy a dream ...

I dreamed that I couldn't close the gate at all, but I couldn't open it either, and then someone was standing and not saying who? I told him - Kysh, Kysh! And he is worth the infection! So I wanted to open the door, but tap it!

The workers asked - the owner, in the kitchen, a loaf bitten off, and before that strange sounds were heard, as if someone was jumping from a rat to a rat. So we thought it might be someone from your dream, a brownie or some kind of rat?

The owner, smiling, remarked, this is not a rat and not a brownie, it was me who broke off a piece in the morning.

To which the second worker remarked, to himself, who has an enlightened soul, who thanks for all that he has, not to dwell on someone else's good, the evil who has a clear conscience does not sleep well.

By the way, I wrote another verse, listen to me, Dara!

You, the beauty who has known life,

Dizzy from looking at a flower,

Be careful, free scribe,

Each flower has its own time.

You love these leaves,

In them you see the plan of heaven,

Go carefully, do not fall,

Do you remember, still about the goal?

And you will respond to a smile

Warm barely noticeable eyes,

She could be your daughter

You would write a fairy tale for her.

That did not work out, there are reasons ...

A sad one sees a deeper eye,

As usual a good mine

Do not end our conversation.

Freedom of the heart from the lie of the word,

Hands on the web ...!

Not becoming part of the deal,

Tell me where are you taking the steps?

You do not want to share the severity

Hardly anyone on the shoulder ...

In the war of internecine principalities

You want a better country ...

Go ... let your step be easy

And fast, accurate hand,

Breathe a little deeper air into the lungs,

And on the run shout - "hurray!"

Uh, not a poet, I say, I think it turned out well! Here you would be better, Baraz in cooking, something written or about the garden! We would then place it in an online store!


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