Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
26 Baraz“s stories about various things and poems 2
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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26 Baraz“s stories about various things and poems 2

I have composed such verses, how is Dara?

As long as your cup is full, drink and give to others.

(Persian saying).

Saddled the horse fierce,

Black clouds dispersed ...

So a hero appeared before us,

He spoke in a clear voice

Light came from his eyes,

A scarlet cloak wailing in the wind ...

The hero said that soon people will be simple

To live - do not grudge, eat black caviar

Golden spoons.

There will be plenty of food and drink

Entertainment ...

All will judge, all will reconcile

By law ... he's a genius.

He promised the people - all in a coat,

Yes, not just, but gold,

Only you need patience and work

Until the fall of some year,

And what ... he did not say.

Everyone was waiting for autumn, another one too ...

Yes, and forgotten, the gift is gone.

Golden rain with frock coats, caviar ...

Still happened, but over one hut.

The cunning little fellow was a magician -

Once or twice and ... ready as in a fairy tale:

That hut filled with expensive belongings.

The hero only closed his eyes ...

But somehow the hero announced

What did he find the threats of the century ...

The people came to their senses and forgave everything

But the hero did nothing

Said, you all know

Now take care of yourself ...

But he promised that prices would not rise,

That the rich will help the poor very much,

New places for hard workers will appear everywhere.

Prices suddenly in the markets began to grow like mushrooms,

The rich are rich, and the poor become poor ...

The people shouted: oh hero, where are you!

Help me, even copper has disappeared in my pockets ...

But the hero did not hear the call of the people:

Old places for hard workers are an unnecessary crutch,

Wait for the new, throw away the eyes, -

So he said to all ... and his trace caught a cold.

People have a lot of money, prices are high,

And the heralds are stately and clear-eyed.

Every day they say so zealously:

How all is well and beautiful!

Glorify the hero - the dragon of the conqueror,

A liar sitting on the porch, ate caviar

In a gold coat, as if for the viewer,

Surprised, happily watched ... and suddenly

His scarlet cloak turned black.

In general, as always, well-intentioned

The road is paved ... by fire.

and here's another one:

An old magician lived in the land of the wise men

The wizard of strict rules. He wanted to instill them

To all the people, the feudal lords, their servants,

So that everything will be in the order instituted by him.

And people sang songs, drank wine, ate, had fun,

They suffered, they chose their way,

Suffered adversity, the tests were,

The kingdom of the ruins was raised.

A little joy fell out, but that was enough for them ...

And the wizard suddenly decided to teach everyone to reason,

According to his will to live, that the rules were more important,

To the treasury was complete ...

He did not think about people, only about how to fill the treasury,

So that the magicians could live a lot, be kings.

Sages disliked, because, where science is, there is no place for magic,

Which of the pockets of the people pulls coppers.

A couple of runes tracing, sprinkling red blood of innocents ...

The sacrifice was brought on a pagan altar,

The mind faded, darkness swallowed the heart

Against each other went.

In an instant, the common house became a stranger,

Brothers for a century have become worse enemies

Enlightened allowed under the knife.


Bloody stone was held in the hands of the magician,

He thought now that he would rule the world

But the stone was not simple, he took away the energy of the spirit

And now the wizard is on his deathbed.

I flew in a golden chariot

White light hero

He raised his palm

Yes hit the damned villain on the head.

He let out his hated spirit

The people rejoice and cheer

The old wizard swears

He gives glory to the hero of light to the winner!

A wise voice announced:

Let there be no more repetition

When the magician was able to mess things up

The kingdom, the people of the world to start!

Here I thought about the "window of festivity" ... what do you think, Baraz, what do you say ...

- Has the world changed or just changed the scenery?

- Feudalism was replaced by capitalism. Socialism as the highest form is lower capitalism.

- There is still social feudalism and focal capitalism!

- Well, it happens, and the market economy.

- True, boutiques stand for years on the most expensive streets, and they are empty, but at the same time, they are always in good shape.

- Although, seemingly logically, such shops should be ruined - how to pay high rents, if money is not received?

- They thrive!

- Strange!

- Aah, this is a regular cut.

- Then the question arises, is this a market economy?

- The answer to the question is no, he is one of those foolish ones, for which they hit the cap along with his head.

- I have another question about the history, the sequence of events ... are they related to ideology or are they independent?

- The narration of history turns where the wind of ideology is blowing, but you did not know that history is a weather vane? Here is the answer to your next stupid question!

- A proverb is known since old times - do not stick out of the trench, it will kill you!

- Wanted to get to the lists?

- I already in them ...

- Well, so will bring from the last to the first!

- So what!

- Moron!

- The scenery has changed, you say?

- It's not me, this is what events are talking about.

- Oh, goats all the cabbage in the garden was greased.

- Oh, it was Petro who let them through the river. I did not want him to give the cabbage for salting, so he got angry.

- What did you give it to him now?

- Of course, also carrots, zucchini, dill, garlic. Plus three hundred rubles in addition!

- What about you?

- Well, what am I ?! Did not stay offended! He took his own from the summer residents, dispersed them, and then he taught the mind. And learning is light, that is, paid is meant. Now, Peter will have enough, and his goats, and I, before the discovery of that most notorious third eye!

- Gardeners are not angry?

- Me on them ... well, you understand!

- Ahaha! But, there is such a delicate moment, the alarm clock is ticking, the time has not been chosen successfully, it's a landmark!

"These signs point to old monuments."

- Who pays attention to the old!

- Spit!

"But don't you care about the third forces ?!" Why step on the rake of history and create problems out of the blue!

- Uh, now it's not up to it, what to think about opportunities, you don't have to waste time, make money until the alarm clock rang!

- Oh, oh, you're wrong. Caution above all! It's like walking on thin ice!

- Aah, blow over!

- I have a roof, you know what?

- Yes I know! But time is changing!

- It will never change, you hear!

- Similarly, many others said so! And the blow did not come from where they thought, but from the back, not from the face.

- These assholes are afraid not to go to the forest! Nothing will get lost!

- Do not argue, will be lost, however, remember what it was all over last time and another!

- I do not like history, and all the more notations! I am the world, I am the truth!

- Wow! Well, you're a friend, give! It is good to remember the history of those, in order not to allow the predecessors to fail, to be ready for such situations!

- Everything is grasped by me, who will twitch once more, regret it!

"But you can't foresee everything ?!"

- Why create stress!

- Aah, leave me alone!

- I do not think so far ahead! Give, catch your breath, Peter will help later!

- Peter something ...

- All shut up!

- Subconscious, wryly grinning, gone.

That monstrous window leaflet soon opened ...

Pane of happiness

One seer, a genius of thought, but, as is known from the Eastern Dane, these comrades are not of this world, they are the creatures of light and fire. Therefore, it means that they know that ordinary people do not know.

Here the genius predicted that at the en-ny moment of time, at en-ny hour, not the third eye will open, but the window of the universe and a stream of happiness will rush through it, a real nirvana for orphaned and needy, forgotten and not.

Well, some were waiting for her, others doubted, and still others were entering into the jim-jams ... because, like in one fairy tale, the alarm clock beat off its crocodile in its stomach.

Forecasters are such gentlemen, a lot of what they say, they say, the trend will come, the comet will zhahnet and that's it ... or in thirty years new technologies will develop so much that nobody will need hydrocarbons and then just Khan! But they also do not forget about the end of the world, as the new century begins, and the new visionaries promise a speedy end.

But right there they predicted the good, the new, the development and nirvana, and not the transformation and adherence to the "dialectical way": first, combine everything small into large, and then divide all large into small.

No, they expected a miracle!

As long as the court deal ... time went by, the alarm clock ticked, which created a certain jim-jams for those who did not believe, but still were afraid of something. In order not to think about the possible future capitalists, gentlemen, modern millionaires began to quickly withdraw funds, transfer them to foreign currency and send unknown or simply not announced by their big brother to offshore companies. Big money is never superfluous, there is still time, the more of them, the better. And then later it will be impossible to make them out of thin air.

this is a miracle! In the wall of a huge building, tightly bricked up with bricks, there appeared ... no, not the third eye, but the very ... long-awaited. The window of the universe. As the prediction said, it had to be open only for a tiny moment of history. Therefore, it was necessary to quickly get to it, then it will pour from it like from a horn of plenty, a great truth, enlightenment, change of formats ... and then, for sure, there will be universal happiness, if not to everyone, so to those for whom it opens. But the genius kept silent about this.

Miracle! Real magic! Shaking hands stretch their hands to open ... the window of the new formats, hoping to change their present and future.

But disappointment, the seer, could not predict that a simple window leaf is not as simple as everyone else thought!

Now it is open !!! The light rushed into it, the tremendous stream of the universe began to flow into the huge house and ...

... there was a crash, noise, then something collapsed.

Clouds of dust rose, and then ... silence, terrifying silence.


I can wrap up Dara more abruptly, look, Baraz said:

Farshid was finally able to escape from the dusty city to visit his distant relatives, to the village, to rest.

The countryside is a pacifying effect on the soul, in the morning the mooing of cows and the clang of iron buckets were heard, the hubbub of the village, the roar of a tractor — well! It was possible to do nothing and sleep all day long, walk to the river in the evening, bathe, fish the fish, put the bow on the ear into the fire, and sit on the bank with an interesting book and read while waiting for the preparing dish. In a rush of fees, Farshid forgot to take reading from the city, fortunately on his shelf, his sister Firuzekh had some kind of scientific opus. In the early 90s of the last century, many scholars who had reached print shops were able to publish their research and thoughts. Some were interesting, others just ridiculous and could not withstand any scientific criticism, but just to read in the fresh air.

One of the books was called "the great buffer zone or how great nations sought the truth."


Sometimes great nations like to walk in a circle in search of either the golden fleece, or something so tasty and healthy, and some just try to find the truth where there is none. Everyone has their own motives and aspirations.

Most of the great ethnic groups for some reason preferred to go from east to west for the sun, but here one great nation turned out of nowhere to the east. Many scientists broke their heads and spears in scientific battles, but no one was able to fully explain to himself and to each other why this happened ...


Some researchers suggested that the journey of one great nation to a country of darkness, and not after the sun, was explained as a planned expedition to create a barrage zone on the outskirts of the Continent from nomads from the east. All ambitious and ... objectionable people, who are not very sorry, were sent to the expedition. Having promoted gold mountains to one, all sorts of titles to others, and spreading third on patriotic themes, they set off on one way ...

After in the land of darkness a new empire was created, but its status was not real, but so fictitious. It was actually a buffer zone between the departed expedition the size of a whole people and nomads from the east.

The main unofficial leitmotif of the new empire was readiness to serve the interests of third countries to the detriment of the interests of its own people. The priority of intensive development over structural. The priority of the seizure of territories over their development. So, it was occupied (colonized) more than this people could master. Although it could be, if not for the control system. For the political system of the empire was inherent fear of the development of its own people and its strengthening in the new lands, the controllability of the population of the metropolis was of higher priority. As a result, the empire's original lands were emptied.

The task of the buffer is to keep a large territory and control its development. To create on it a regime of economic favor for cartridge countries, to ensure their access to resources and to restrict in every possible way the penetration of other countries.

Do not allow in their own and captured territories neither economic, nor intellectual and spiritual development beyond what is necessary to fulfill current economic or geopolitical tasks. In addition, the buffer served as a cheap force for resolving military confrontations in favor of cartridge states. It was necessary to pay only to a group of key lobbyists-manipulators.

At the same time, relations with the cartridge countries were not immutable. From time to time cartridges changed. The concept of statehood and its character remained unchanged. Formed management tradition has been self-renewed.

The worst thing is that there were already objective reasons for this. It's like drugs. At first they prick because of stupidity, from the lack of thrills, and then without them they can no longer. A rigid control system is possible over a relatively small nation. Each leader can effectively manage a limited number of people due to the limitations of his memory.

Therefore, a hierarchy of managers is introduced. But the effectiveness of such a hierarchy is limited by the length of the management chains, the model of the damaged phone works. In addition, the length and inaccessibility of the territory further complicates communication. By the way, here the authors referred to a certain scientific work of foreign experts called "the curse of ice", describing the adverse effect of vast sparsely populated and inaccessible lands on the development of a buffer empire.


Farshid thought, why not touch upon the question of the curse of sand and stone, and for that matter, the curse of the buffer in general?


The only way to effectively manage a large population over a long area is developed self-government with minimal vertical intervention. The integrity of such a system, in addition to linguistic community, must be ensured by all understandable and accepted ideas. The only possibility is the unconditional recognition of the dignity of the person and the right to realize it in free labor and creativity. This is the only way to overcome the dominance of crime and corruption.


With this statement of the authors of the book, Farshid fully agreed.


But according to the same authors, this is the scarecrow of strategists in the buffer zone. Why then are they needed? Such a nation cannot be driven to an unnecessary war, it will be difficult to lease it ...

By the way, at the stages of confrontation with former patrons, strategists of the buffer zone still used the unifying idea, but each time they distorted it for their own needs in a totalitarian style, replacing its essence with emasculated formulations, be it religious, national or social idea. In fact, instead of dignity and trust united only nonsense, fear and its opposite - aggression, buffer pride, skillfully directed in the right direction.


Fatigue affected, Farshid wanted to sleep, but he could not tear himself away from this book. He skimmed through the pages, skipping unnecessary details, trying to grasp the essence, struggling with the rolling fatigue ...

The guys from the buffer zone are imposed the role of heroes and martyrs who are obsessed with pride. As a result, they turned out to be less adapted to survive in their own state as compared to other minorities that do not harbor illusions about the nature of relations in the state of residence. Shadow, and sometimes official ideologues interpreted this fact in a favorable light to them, shifting responsibility for the situation to foreigners.

At the same time, the system needed both to solve its problems. And mutual distrust and hostility between foreigners and the main buffer ethnic group was an important element of the control of those and others, an excellent argument for resolving issues of power. But the most important element of control was the humiliation of the dignity of a person to destroy his ability to soberly think in a skillfully maintained atmosphere of mass psychosis.

Despite the differences in official status and real situation, a certain common denominator of the attitude of the management system to all groups of population was traced - to use them for their needs one way or another, and then subject them to repression in one form or another. The system was based on a contradiction - on the one hand, it had to uncover the abilities of people to build up their potential in order to raise prices for their services, on the other hand, she was terribly afraid of these people who believed in themselves, and closely followed their fate ...

This is confirmed by the cyclical nature of the history of the new empire. In this cyclical development, there were two stages. The stage of serving interests of the cartridges and the stage of confrontation with them (big game). The cyclical development was determined by the connection between these goals.

The service of interests stage allowed to receive new technologies of cartridges and create conditions for the stage of opposition. The confrontation stage was used by the elite of the new empire as an opportunity to fill the price with their services. In fairness it should be noted that the selfless actions of the people of the empire to curb aggressive regimes in different historical epochs in general have played a positive role in the development of a democratic model of society in the head empire (ancestor).

The official ideologists of the buffer zone and adjoining them used this fact in every way exaggerating the moral duty of the ancient leading empire in front of its buffer. The task of such speculation is to divert the attention of its own population from the responsibility of its own elite for the role that they imposed on the new buffer zone.

The tragedy of the situation was that all attempts to get rid of dependence were still directed towards serving the interests of third countries. For the worldview of most of society was subordinated to this goal in its very depth by the idea of ​​totalitarianism. It was like in aikido - you can use the power of a large and formidable, but clumsy opponent against him, because the real strength is in the adequacy and speed of reaction ...

The situation in the world, and the world itself has changed and, not least because of the role played by the buffer zone. Over the centuries, she has seen how in her oscillating territory one virtual empire replaced another, one ideological landscape replaced another, but the essence has always remained the same.

But it seems that now the idea of ​​great buffering has gone through itself. In the era of globalism, the unprecedented progress of science and technology, the revolution in information sharing, supported by a system that encourages human thinking and creativity, gives developed countries more effective levers of influence on world politics than playing with a buffer zone. More precisely, with its managers who are snickering and fixating on their "original" ideas.

But the post of the buffer elite still continued to play these games with a price stamped for its favor to the old or already new patrons from other parts of the world. However, in the market of political technologies, this service rapidly lost its appeal as the specific policy of the buffer zone led to more catastrophes, a reduction in the population, the degradation of its production and creative forces, and the management system.

Even new partners rather viewed the buffer as their zone of influence and future settlement, since they had no problems with the demographic resources. And this means that these games are more likely to be conducted with the population of the buffer zone than with the world powers.

The stability of the succession of failures in the buffer zone has long led to a control system by means of nominees. This explains the fact that the governors are almost completely specific ... Or a robber from distant mountains, or his own board and not at all distant, or an old man at death or young and too active, or a complete layman or too narrow a specialist ... and a strange thing during the life of such a ruler was always right, and then it turned out that it was he who was to blame for all the troubles, and everyone else was under hypnosis and could not do anything, even protest.

Following the change of ruler, history textbooks also changed, sensible historians and philosophers who witnessed the cyclical nature of development and revealed the secret of the damnation of the buffer, disappeared somewhere ...


Here Farshid unwittingly remembered a song popular in his youth: The giraffe is big, he knows better ... So who really provides the continuity of this management style, the parrot? Some group of inconspicuous gray experts, for whom there are no unsolvable problems, but not bureaucratic solutions are ready ... But it may be that the king is completely naked, and there are no secret puppeteers, just the monstrous inertia of the established control system reproduces itself, in the old Soviet bike about three envelopes in the safe. So thought Farshid.

Having read, he did not notice how the mosquitoes bitten him, completely brutalized in the gentle rays of the setting sun. The fire under the pot long gone out. A cool breeze strolled along the river and tried in vain to rekindle the dead coals.

Scratching bite spots and pouring local moonshine into a glass, Farshid thought, and the men wrote nothing, there are a couple of curious thoughts. Having exhaled, he drained his glass in one gulp, sniffing a bunch of meadow grasses, Farshid said loudly and clearly, as if there was someone in the oncoming twilight of the deserted coast who wanted to hear it: did not hesitate to interpret the facts in order to substantiate their conjectures. " Exactly, it is, - exclaimed Farshid, throwing the scribe under the iron with an under-prepared ear and hastily making a fire, Firouzeh would not notice anyway ...

Well, you are my friend Baraz bent ... less need to drink juniper tea ... it's some kind of wild glitches you went ...

Lie, lie, do not lie like that ...

Eh, but now I will say with my impromptu:

If you cannot find a solution to the problem,

Just take it and hack it on your nose:

Western psycho-technologies do not work here in the east ...

We used to have yassa, and after the guild law,

Clan abilities, and after the rules of social dormitory:

Do not be rude, do not rob your neighbor

Do not spit in the well, from which you have to get drunk,

Get the branch out of the way, feed the hungry, help the wretched,

Do not suffer offenses if you eat and drink yourself, share with others ...

And then on the day of the end of the world you will not have to fear that you will fall off the bridge,

Which is thinner than hair ...

Do not have to worry that someone will hang on you offense

And because the entrance will be closed on the other shore,

Where in light green gardens one could not be afraid of a change of fate,

And few of people could enjoy the dark green ...

But who thinks of another world? When status in the neighbor means everything,

And humanism is only considered the weakness of fools,

Prostakov, who cannot live, sages-beggars!

If you are so smart, then why are you so poor?

Heard from the windows of black limousines,

Only rustling on asphalt rhetorical questions ...

Enlightened spirit in antiquity said:

If everyone is rich under the sky, it's embarrassing to be poor

If everyone is poor under the sky, it's embarrassing to be rich ...

How poor is a man - is he so generous?

How rich a man is, is he so greedy?

The answer lies in the heart and soul of everyone ...

It is his choice to be generous in heart and soul.

Or to acquire wealth with an envious hand,

Rob ordinary people, share the human take.

Sing songs and dance in ibiza

And appearing to the people, radiantly smile

Questions about pay raises ...


To promise sweet cakes, stability, work, flowers,

And then gobble it all up, leave without hope

And, in addition, say: idlers are not the place with us!

Hedonists road: enjoy taking away ...

Motivation is very simple

The poor have no place in the world of numbers.

Work, work, heads do not raise, but there is no money,

Prices are rising, quietly timidly, but surely

And the salary on the spot quietly stands and smokes on the sidelines, sometimes a little tobacco is thrown ...

Yes, a little of it ... the whole smoke goes away

In the stomach is mute ...

We need to work better ... heard:


And even more screaming! Right to download!

Do not take it into your head, naive fool, step on the tail of a tiger by chance.

Desperately get a counter strike, from which you will not immediately recover ...


The world becomes more interesting:

Rich and poor go near

And each sing their own songs ...

Only the essence is the same everywhere:

Everyone wants to live in their own way, everyone wants to have fun ...

And the wise man will not knock out a cup of water from another's hand,

To drink only water alone ...

After all, the world is so swift.

Sometimes it is worth stopping, looking around,

Look back, go ahead and think.

A little about the soul and peace.

The choice is not easy, but it's golden:

To live in two worlds near and far

Or choose only one and then regret the soul ...

Although some do not believe that there is a soul, but is there a conscience?

Maybe this is the case?

They strive to live to the fullest in this world,

Thinking he is the only one of the worlds?


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