Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
27 Baraz“s stories about different things 3
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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27 Baraz“s stories about different things 3

You know, in my time we had a lot of ridiculous laws and fell down. Like for example, "tram law", such as live like everyone else and do not hang out.

"The law of three nails". This is when you are assigned to do something, but you do not do it right away. When they speak the second time, you mentally, drive three nails into the wall, and are broadcasting on the last thing you were assigned. ... you don't do it. When they speak for the third time, you mentally transfer this business to the second nail. You also do nothing. When they talk about it for the fourth time, you transfer the case to the first nail. Usually this ends everything, although it sometimes gives up before. Well, if you get annoying chiefs, nothing remains how to perform the task. We had a different value system, not a capitalist ...

Although now it is difficult to call her so ...

Well, this is an annoying particular.

There was a "TEN law" - Time to Execute Canceled.

We often talked to us in a professional technical school - the initiative is punishable, do not lean out of the trenches, kill.

This, at the beginning, all the activism was already frozen in us, the young and still students.

I, now, kasty, remembered the story that we were told, often by our guild master at the school:

In the kingdom where the rules are Darkness, the Dragon left for a while to rest in his mountain residence, to warm bones on warm springs. He was old, lived for thousands of years. Therefore, it was necessary to take care of your health, to the delight of your subjects and slaves. At the time of his absence, he instructed Vassal, one of his three successors, to rule the state. As a joke, he sometimes called him a ram, for his excessive zeal.

Monitor lizard was almost that ram, only more ambitions. Thought, he thought. I decided that the natural resources that were sold for export will not be enough. Monitor lizard decided that he needed to show the initiative to his boss, Dragon, that during his absence he was able to raise the royal treasury five times.

No sooner said than done. He introduced taxes on laughter, on guests, on friends, on tears, on water, on carriages and carts. People groaned, but nothing to do. The requisitions are still done, who opens the door of pay, closes the door of pay. However, the money added a little bit. All along the way, his faithful servants in his pockets rassovat.

Monitor lizard needs to be promoted, to help the Dragon, because the rogue knew that the old dragon was fond of wealth. Saw his future receiver as the boss's eyes glittered eagerly when he shifted his precious stones and gold bars.

Monitor lizard, like a ram, like his boss used to say, overdid it a little. He thought of how to increase the treasury ...

The time has come, the Dragon, rejuvenated all joyful and cheerful. Usually his people on the streets met a noisy crowd, threw flowers, smiled. But now the people were not enough, and there were no flowers ...

But how pleasantly surprised was the Dragon when he saw that the treasury was full of new jewels, diamonds, rock crystal, rubies and emeralds, not to mention gold and silver, and wondrous decorations. The treasury increased by 7 times, and in just a month of his absence ...

Dragon was glad, he wanted Monitor lizard to make his only receiver. Good boy! Two other receivers were not asleep, helpfully placed on the morning table an analytical report on how Varan achieved such results ...

The dragon, I read it, frowned ... ordered Varan to send him to goulash, and feed the dish to two receivers ...

The old lord, having lived for many millennia, was still very surprised that, as he had not noticed, he even managed to give control of the kingdom to Varan. What he just thought of.


In the kingdom of the population, after the month of the rule of Monitor lizard, it was 15 times less than it was under the Dragon. The question of filling the treasury was solved simply. The "wise" ruler issued a decree according to which his subjects were equated with resources and they were sold for export as a traction slave force. Having checked the palace ofMonitor lizard, the dragon was told that it was being crammed with gold and precious stones, there were 8 times more than in the royal treasury. Not for nothing, I sent him to goulash flashed into one of the heads of the dragon. Yes, and faithful spies informed that in the vassal provinces of Monitor lizard, his army was ready to come to the capital, and in the kingdom someone began to spread rumors that there was a wind of change, it was time for the Dragon to leave.

The dragon smirked ...


Two receivers of the Dragon, Basilisk and Griffon with pleasure ate fragrant goulash and thought with concern where their enemy Monitor lizard went ...

The Dragon, smiling slyly, was flipping through a cookbook ...

But I remembered the rassahy of our professor, said Dara. We ourselves took part in expeditions in these stories.

"The quest for the old fort"

It was getting dark. The professor with interest told the students about the disappeared cities that several centuries ago were important points for trade on the Silk Road. When trade routes passed through them, they flourished, the political situation changed in other regions, other routes were chosen and the cities that previously flourished with time became empty, and then they were completely forgotten. Sometimes natural factors were to blame. Sometimes anthropogenic, such as during invasions.

But if you think about how many such cities now lie in oblivion. Here is our task, to look for them. Now, in the 21st century, there are many possibilities for this. However, alas, the inertness of thinking, the system of bans on the use of new technologies, the receipt of a heap of permits stops the whole thing. We can only tell interesting stories about what happened. But to find something new or rather, the forgotten old, until it turns out.

After all, you probably do not know how much effort it cost us to take you to the field expedition. You are already fourth-year students, and only left for the first time in the field!

It was necessary to knock out funding for the trip, even though it was written in the cost estimate, and later agree with the geologists to rent a car from them, it was lucky that their director was our former graduate, so the price was not too high, but the car threw too much the old one Her running gear is very worn out, no, no, and the motor stalls.

What will we do if it stops in the desert ... Yes, and the equipment now also needs to be rented, not to mention the cost of food and additional materials, such as a map based on satellite information of the area. I don't mention how much time we got all the necessary permissions to leave your group in the field.

There, like Arash, he stammered about the possibility of using a metal detector to finally find this old fort, which is still on the 1872 map, and on the 1895 map it is no longer there, only one name, but already later there is no mention. But, we still could more or less calculate the three points where this fort could be. However, today I received a refusal to use this device. We do not have the right to use it in archaeological sites and also important monuments of cultural heritage. I told them that the monument has not yet been discovered, and it's not even so ancient, just for the whole building of the 17th century.

It is not in the electronic catalog. So, I was told that he had already been entered in the registry, so now others will look for him.

The materials that we found should be transferred to a group of young scientists from the Institute of Archeology, he is just engaged in fixing old objects and entering them into the electronic register of monuments of cultural heritage. Regarding your attempt to Feruz, to use a remote helicopter with digital cameras installed on it, alas, a refusal was also received. You, your creation, must first be sent to the center of calibration, then get permission from the Ministry of Communications, and also register with the local flying club. and get even before the pile of other permits, find out where some areas for flights and a lot of other information. Not everything is as simple as you thought.

Now the guys are trying to just see, on the ground, we can find something, broken ceramics, maybe brickwork, arrowheads ... Professor, and how can we find them? After all, judging by the records of local historian Mas, which we found in the local history museums, since the 60s of the last century, the place where the fort was located was plowed under a sow of adrospan. It was used earlier as one of the components for the treatment of Parkinson's disease? What to do?

Known question, what to do and how to be? Well, since it is impossible to use the rented devices, we will look for how the maps will fall, geographic naturally, you meant topographical, professor. Of course of course.

During the search, three places were examined, in none of which nothing was found. With a more detailed inspection and reconciliation of data from topographic maps and maps based on satellite images, we paid attention to the ancient channel. Since then, it has greatly decreased, but precisely in its direction and along the indicated azimuth of local historian Mas, northeast of the third place of the supposed location of the fort, were found fragments of ceramics and several copper coins dating from around the end of the 18th century. Trial pits gave ceramics material of the mid 18th century and the end of the 19th century. Since the field work itself was limited to a time interval of two weeks, the work had to be curtailed ...

A month later, after the trip, a request came to the department to transfer all the materials. Time passed, the students ran away in life, the professor went to a distant family on the Fenoskand peninsula.

But whether the fort was found or not, it remains unknown ...

What do you think Baraz about this is a wonderful world of history ... just like our East is thin.

I have heard that in the Kend Badam village of Okhoklo Khotszyan, a high-quality almond was grown, exported to Khorezm and India. During the reign of the emperor Cannes-Xi (1662-1722) during which this village was marked on the maps of the western possessions of China. The Sino-Manchu name is Hojian.

No, I have not heard about it! I read somewhere that some golden peaches were brought to Emperor Tan as a gift, but is it strange that China is the birthplace of peaches?

How could they bring peaches as a gift if their homeland was in China itself? Unclear?!

II remembered another parable here - Wise Lake Turtle

Pike grappled with Sudak, Bilim also took part in the fight, for the magic pearls that fulfill desires. Defeated Burbot. Sudak was caught by fishermen when, with a weakened fight, he emerged in shallow water. Pike, while proudly swinging its fins, rushed into the river waters, grumbling under its breath that Nalim could not, not use clever tricks, trying to lure his two opponents into the net.

Soon, rumors spread in the pond that the Pike perch was misled by the fishermen, he wanted to lure Pike and Nalim into the net. And when it was opened, I decided to slip away.

Crucian, under a snag, reflected on what he saw scenes from underwater life. Previously, he did not understand this, now the scattered pictures of the story began to gather in a bizarre and mosaic picture. True, his neighbor Ersh reasonably noted that they were allowed to see the lake and river inhabitants for seeing just such a picture, and not another one. Of these pictures, apparently, a great many and the Lake Turtle, which has lived for more than one century under this snag, intervening in their conversation, said that it had seen a lot in its centuries and was in no hurry to draw conclusions early.

Crucian with Ruff agreed, not knowing the whole scenario, it is difficult to evaluate someone, and it is not enough to play into the hands of fishermen. Everyone knew that the ear is good if you are a fisherman.

In the bazaar I often hear the merchants say to the customers - "Be not happy, these fruits haven't gnawed the mouse" ...

This is such a marketing ploy to attract customers to their products, alas, it acts quite the opposite. Involuntarily think, and whether really beets, whether the mouse did not devour? You already look at the tuber more closely. I don't want to buy at all.

Or they say, look, and turnips are not frozen at all. You look at her, and she is so poor, all black, and you can see that her frost has been heavily battered.

Yes strong!

I just recently became interested in science fiction. I myself even write, so evaluate:

2700 year.

After graduating from the Higher Academy of Planetary Construction, graduates faced the choice of their path. From management in administration to security. Others went to science.

New generation

The research module from orbit descended onto the newly discovered planet. A group of young scientists

- Go with us!

- Yes, I do not want with you!

- Yes, no, let's go anyway! We know the right way!

- I have a bad feeling! And somewhere we are not going there?

- The forest becomes thicker, the roots of trees are thicker, the sky can not be seen at all.

- And you say that we are going the right way?

- Do not hesitate dear! The right way goes and sing songs.

- ABOUT! That's how it is! It seems to me that it is better to turn?

- We never turn back!

- Hey, hey, stop! Stop!

- We do not hear you, for our song!

- Oh oh oh! We are all in the swamp now!

- Where is the right path?

- But grandfather Motvey, knows where he leads us!

- A little more, a little more and a passage will be opened, to a magical country where life beats the key, happiness flows like water and we need it there!

- Hey, comrades, ladies and gentlemen, dear sirs, it's time to turn around ... ay-ay-ay ...

- What are you shouting, anyway, in this wilderness, there is no one else but us, shout, shout no sense. Eat bye berries and enjoy life.

- Oooogoooooo! And in response, silence ...

So years have passed, decades, some travelers perished on the way, the rest reached the swamp itself, and at that moment - the light leading them through the quagmire disappeared ...

The remaining around looked around, and there ... the grass-ants, the derviyats are stunted, the birds sing sad songs, the shores are neither seen nor seen. Darkness around. Only above the stars are burning.

Everything has come ... no longer need heroes, pioneers, seekers, researchers ...

So they remained in the swamp, alone among the vast world of unknown nature ...


- You see, we have cut funding, most research programs froze indefinitely. We have an economic crisis on the planet. Therefore, the directive came, all that can be closed, and with economical means to direct to the patch holes. Something reminds me of it, the last days of the Roman Empire, then they also stopped moving north, built a wall, one, another, a third. Then they began to return to the south, leaving the territory. As you know, after some time, the Roman Empire fell ...

- Apparently, you're right. There is something in it. This is not a policy, it is just someone settling the score. No, both of you are wrong, the researchers are to blame for everything, they believed in formal statements about the need for heroes, about the need to collect new data on uncharted lands. They were thrown when they became a burden. They completed their task for a certain period of time, occupied their minds with a topic. Now, they are not needed, the ballast that is being disposed of.

- What are we going to do with the remaining group of researchers? They seem to have gone far in search of the "magic island"?

- I'm sorry, what?! Nothing!

- No money left!

- So we throw them?

- Apparently, yes!

- We have irreplaceable as you know no!

- But following such logic, then you can get to us?

- You see, they do not follow the old, wise proverb - While your cup is full, drink and give it to others!

- They follow another proverb - well-fed does not hear the hungry.

- And when they come to the same rake, their words that they were mistaken, no one will hear.


3026 year.

Planet in sector Z-090-04. Swamp A-32-in square. Discovered an island. Ruin. No survivors.

How are you? What do you think, Baraz?

Yes, damn, well, you give, man ... I have no words, just surprise ...

Well, what to do, creativity! True, I was not given any money for it ... But once I made up a dictionary of human qualities and their symbols in English phraseology, for example, Diligence, endurance means they have a bird, cruelty is a wolf, stupidity is " goose, mule, cuckoo, "deceit, cunning -" rook, "humility -" dog or cat. "

Our trick is "fox, badger," strength, power — tiger, stubbornness — donkey, cruelty — wolf, spy — sparrow, hard work — camel.

Bazaar was a kind of center of culture. Wholesale trade could be made in the caravanserai.

Important information about the passage of the trade routes of Central Asia in the 5-7 centuries. contained in Pei Ju's biography in the Suishi dynastic history. In the book "Notes and Maps of the Western Territory", which was subsequently lost, only fragments remained from it.

Here I'm a little dictionary made up of modern geografic names and how they were reflected in the documents of the Tang Empire. Maybe someone will come in handy?

Fulin - Istanbul

Gaochana - Turpan

Yanci - Karashar

Conlin - Pamir

Cao - Ustrushana,

Mugo - Merv

Bosi - Sassanian Iran

Shanshan - Lobnor Lake District


Zhujuibo - Kargalyk

Hebanto - Tashkurgan

Humi - Wahan

Toholo - Tokharistan

Food - Ephtalit State

Fangye - Bamiyan

Bolomen - North West India

Lake Bullet - Barkul

Fulin - Byzantium

He - Ura-Tyube

Shule - Kashgar

Yanci - Kashgar Oasis

Loulana - Crorain

Kantszyu - between the Oks and Yaksart rivers


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