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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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30 Traders Tricks 3

In the old days, about 200 years old, the "head of the bazaar" walked around the bazaar, he checked every scale of the nezhel, if they had an underweight, then such a merchant led to the main shopping area. There he was punished, depending on the measure of body kit. Beat on bare heels with a stick, 2-5-9 times. It was not so much pain, how much shameful.

In modern times, the body kit also takes place ... took place ... before the introduction of electronic scales. Yet new technologies help to heighten trade.

Just merchants are starting to apply new tricks.

For example, they sell damaged goods under the guise of fresh. Although this is not typical for capitalism, which we read about in Phillip Kotler's books Economics and Basics of Marketing. This otgloski old social system. Surprisingly, it still exists in a market economy, with separate archaic disputes ...

When selling wholesale, in boxes or bags, in the lower layers, farmers enclose - broken, small and sometimes rotten fruit. Percent 20.

The same applies to sold electrical goods, you need to look carefully, check before you buy.

Modern merchants do not seek to increase the number of services. That is, the goods sold, does not have for the most part a service for the delivery of dimensional goods. After the purchase, the buyer himself has to think how to deliver the goods.

In other stores there is a delivery, but it is paid on average 10 km cost from 10 to 20 dollars. Plus, the cost of movers, still throws 10 dollars. As a result, the price increases ... and if you also need to collect some furniture, to install, then another 20 dollars are leaping.

There is not much competition in the fight ...

A communal economy is generally horror. In addition, the quality of services is not high, and prices are significantly high, tariffs for services grow 2-3 times a year. From them there is no way to refuse. Here and does not smell any service.

Replacing meters, checking them in metrology laboratories, everything hangs on the consumer. He has to pay for everything.

These are also modern traders' tricks.

Sometimes you can get bills to pay fines and debts, which actually are not ... this is also one of the modern tricks.

After installation, the wizards - dismantling and installation, do not clean up after themselves; this remains so. In Japan, the master comes, prepares the workplace. Cover the floor with a special material. Upon completion, the garbage remains on the material, which is wrapped in it and the master is taken out for recycling, this is a service.


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