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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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31 Terrible tale

Green wooden fence, beautifully merged with the virgin northern forest. It was only an hour from the metropolitan capital to "object D09". Wooden gates, opened from them jumped out pitch black cars. At the gate was an "umbrella" with access to the "High Frequency Communication" and under it, almost Santa Claus, the same boots, a huge fur coat, only a Ushanka hat crowned the head, and a holster hung around the waist, a strap around the neck from the landing version and that something weighty ... On the perimeter of a small forest bowl, similar wooden "umbrellas" flocked around the floor, which was covered with oak plates with felt, every 20 meters.

The object was a two-storey building with an outbuilding and three doors. Each of which had its post, with strong guys ...

Inside, all the walls were covered with wooden panels, the windows were closed with heavy, green curtains. The floor is covered with thick carpets, all the steps drowned out.

There were not many rooms, about twelve, but there were much more underground ones, for security and surveillance services, but this time from sevens.

At the facility, there lived a Brownie, an influential man of the empire. To get to the coveted forest to the storyteller and sorcerer, you had to go through seven zones, checks, with your magic words, wonderful barriers and ginger men. And also get a blessing from magicians with amazing chopsticks, who, by the way, had notable domestic, iron horses, with forced engines.

About the object there were strange rumors that after leaving the world from one world to another Brownie. One overseas prince began to live on the territory, but then he also teleported somewhere to another universe, it was cheaper, and there you wouldn't chat, it's far from 3 planets from the sun.


Wonderful wood panels! Behind them, the thought titans or the clever guys from the headquarters of the study of the soul could be hiding.

The world in which the Brownie was spinning was simple and complex at the same time. Heavy and beautiful. Behind the fence, there were many secrets of the whole century. But, the key to the easy gate from them was not for everyone.

Only the elect could open this world, there were few of them, but all of them had the status not lower than the column of the imperial service of the head department of soul research with the level of admission - the fourth (although the personnel officers knew only about three). Access to the neck imposed on themselves in addition to the non-proliferation of what was heard and read throughout life, and the service of eagerness, eternal by earthly standards. For everything to be behind a green, wooden fence ...


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