Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
33 Merchants in the clan world
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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33 Merchants in the clan world

It's very easy to trade in the clan world if there is one simple and very convenient "magic tool". Which is called an administrative resource.

Therefore, in the clan world, before you start your own business, you need to purchase a "subscription" for "protection" from a strong clan.

So many successful businessmen do ... they live in Europe and their stores in their homeland, money goes to them in the EU ... not life, but a fairy tale.

Children from clans with a lot of money due to the percentage of export sales of natural resources have a lot of real estate both in their homeland and in all major countries of the capitalist world. There they simply rent housing for rent to wealthy foreign companies. From one house a year, they make a profit of about $ 60,000 for rent, and they have 10-20 such houses. Since they themselves hold the real estate market, they can bring prices down by 60 percent. within 5-8 years, and then buying a lot of houses on the cheap, raise prices by 80 percent.

They invest the received money in stocks and securities abroad or buy shares in foreign companies in their homeland, about 700,000 dollars a year. Moreover, these shares are not in free sale, they cannot be bought on the stock exchange.

Babies are sent to the prestigious universities of the world such as Harvard, Stanford, Oxford ... there they get degrees ... they live in their private villas ... they get jobs in private companies and corporations. After they come to teach the mind to reason at home with a clan cover. Immediately getting into control the whole industry or corporation. After 5 years, having received enough practical experience at the top management level, they are safely returning to live in Europe.

At the same time, their parents from the clan world, call on all their countrymen to live in their homeland, they say where, was born there and was useful. They say that you can not have dual citizenship. At the same time, their children from clans already have 5-8 citizenships, including Canada, the USA, the EU ... so the clans can speak well of love for their homeland, but their children already live in the developed capitalist countries of the world. As time to retire, the old clan members go from their palaces in their homeland to live in their more luxurious villas in the EU.

That's the way the clan world works. Therefore, being a merchant and not having your own protection from the clan, such a company will not work for a long time. Its subtleties of doing business.

The clan world at the slightest dissatisfaction, can easily hack mail servers, social networks ... Who is blacklisted, even when formats change, it remains in it.

Clicking fingers and ... the clan can reach everywhere and in another country ... so the clans, live forever. Behind them is power, and whoever stands in their way will be destroyed.

Of course, even in other countries, powerful people will be on the side of the clans. With all their words, blah blah blah blah about some mythical values))))


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