Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
34 Merchants in the clan world 2
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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34 Merchants in the clan world 2

Trading in the clan world is not an easy thing. It's not enough to have a good business plan, it is not enough to have desires and desires, knowledge and money. The most important thing is to have a good, leak-proof roof "from a reliable clan."

Otherwise, your business will be short-term. If he flourishes, he will be killed by some young craftsmen or skilled workers from a large clan.

By offering for your business a mixed price of 10 percent of the market value. If a businessman refuses to sell, then his business will simply be demolished and then he will not receive even 10 percent. Well, this was before ... now, they say this no longer exists ... but still going against the will of the clan or group of clans is like trying to pour water from a bucket on a windy day.

Sometimes the patriarchs of the clans may succumb to sentimental emotions and say - "let us all live together harmoniously and peacefully." But this does not mean that the previously selected business, health, power will be returned, as well as the exclusion of one or another "object" (merchant, scientist, businessman, etc.) from the "black list".

Those who are on this list, they are the first to be checked, controlled, their first in "Hour X" begin to shake, crush, press, to show those around them the strength and power of the clan world. So that other merchants do not even think to contradict the will of the clan world.

With one click of the fingers, pressure groups of clans can easily hack accounts on social networks, mail servers, ban any text they don't like.

Naive fools who believe that they can escape the "hands of the clan" in another country. No, do not run away! They will find and apply pressure, they can easily be fired from work in another country. This is done simply.

A simple person, he is no one, and call him in any way, and a member of the clan is respected, rich, influential, with opportunities, so that it can satisfy the existing mercantile interest in another country. And who will worry about the unfamiliar poor?

Therefore, merchants already knowing the strength of the clan prefer to invest in a new business for a short period of time, usually from 3 to 10 months. Quickly make money and then sell the business and open a new one in another place and with a different name. To protect yourself from the clan filter.

If there is a large company with 100-500 people in its state that has been able to work on the market for more than 10 years, this usually means that it had a good "roof" from the clan. But such luck does not last long, usually influential clans have their status from 12 to 20 years, less than 30 ... When status goes to zero, the influence of the clan decreases, then the Roof begins to flow, that is, one hundred percent protection for business goes away .

Starting offs of the trading business start ... you need to share ... but sometimes this is not enough ...

Of course, they are trying to fight this phenomenon, decisive steps are being taken, but this system is very powerful, so often all the steps taken are not effective.

If the merchant does not have any strength at all or the roof is not good enough, then they are just trying to get a little more than they want to give. If this question is not so important or time is tight, and the trader has a leaking clan roof, then the parties can agree on a price of 40 or even 55 percent of the market price.

Another thing is, if the merchant has a very weak roof or is it a simple citizen, then he cannot see the compensation as his ears. It was necessary to immediately agree to 10 percent of the market value.

If there is no "roof," then life is not reduced to a full life, but simply to survival, because it is also fraught to oppose injustice, then everyone prefers to be silent in order to be more whole. That is why Syma Tsan's strategy is so popular - that the winner is the one who knows when to do nothing, when to stand and when to go. As well as a popular Chinese aphorism about the river, tea and a traveler who looks at the river, they drink green tea, and waits for the moment when the precursor floats down the river.

Life goes on, people need to feed the family, grow, even in such cramped conditions.

But the positive changes on the face, now clan attacks are not so outrageous, they are less flashy.

It probably takes time for the clans to understand that respecting and respecting private property is profitable for them in the first place. Since it creates a stable foundation so that no one ever encroaches on their money, even when their influence goes away.

How is it on the "Princepse Peter" when you go down the stairs below you are waiting for those whom you pushed off this stairs in due time ...


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