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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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35 Market life hacking

In Asia, marching to the market is a whole science, the magic of everyday communication. Those who immediately agree to buy goods for the price mentioned by the merchant do not know the market and do not know how to bargain. So the old men say it with regret.

Old people like to go to the markets, even if they do not buy anything with great interest, asking about the prices of vegetables and fruits. Compare them with prices in shopping centers and supermarkets. We have practically no hypermarkets. Compare prices with shops in the city. Something laugh at his mustache ...

Usually, the price for small, rooted bazaars in the city center is 30-70 percent higher than wholesale markets. Whereas the price for retail large bazaars differs by 20-30 percent. Only farmer's vegetables are brought to large retail markets, and fruit is bought from wholesalers in another market.

On large grove bazaars, merchants immediately buy goods from farmers, reducing their price by 30 percent. For example, cabbage sold by farmers in cars costs 36 cents, merchants buying wholesale (50-100 pieces at a time) at a price of 25 cents. And sell right there, 100 meters from the farmers already for 59 cents. Profit 34 cents. And for the place (near the market), they give no more than $ 3, often they do not even have permission to trade, there is no certificate from the laboratory that the product has been tested. It remains to hope that farmers have it.

In the center of the city, in the small bazaars, the same cauliflower is already worth 71 cents for 1 piece, at the average bazaars there is 1 dollar 31 cents, at large retail bazaars the price may already be 1 dollar 78 cents. But such bazaars after reconstruction, specially made to attract tourists, immediately begin to lose their "spirit of the oriental bazaar". Since in order to recoup the cost of "ethnic flavor" prices for places for merchants increase, and the purchasing power of the citizens is not great. Such large bazaars, usually almost empty, to the bazaar at 190 crowds, a total of 15-30 visitors in 1 hour. While going to a large retail market, where prices are two or even three times lower, people do not overcrowd, a sea of ​​people, hundreds of people.

Coming to the market, knowledgeable people, it is completely bypassed twice. Everywhere find out the prices, the main thing here is not to forget where the price was good, to go back and buy. But sometimes the shops do not have numbers, it remains only to rely on their own memory.

The buyer asks the seller what price he says for example 1 kg of apples costs 65 cents, and the buyer knows that the seller bought these apples on the wholesale market (1 kg 30 cents for 1 box, in a box usually from 12 to 22 kg with small opt or 1 kg of 20 cents with the purchase of 10 boxes). So he says to the seller, what is your real price?

Trading says the price is 62 cents! Buyer - are you kidding? Give me the price at which you sell!

The merchant says, well I will give a price of 58 cents!

The buyer - no, it will not work that way, there through a row, the price is 40 cents, and you are chasing a blizzard (that is, you are talking nonsense).

The merchant says where? Which row?

Buyer - waving his hand indefinitely, there!

Merchant, well, I will sell you for 55 cents!

Buyer, no, that won't do!

And leaves!

The merchant screams in his back, the price is 50 cents, this is my last price!

The buyer comes back and says no, come on 40 cents!

Merchant, reluctantly, well, but then you will buy a 22 kg box from me!

Buyer, are you crazy! In the wholesale market, I can buy for 30 cents!

Merchant, says evil, go and buy there, nothing to waste my time!

The buyer leaves. But after a minute comes back, let's say sell for 42 cents and I'll buy you a couple of kilos!

Merchant, 15 kg!

Buyer, no buy only 3 kg!


Well, let it be 5 kg!

Merchant, well let it be 5 kg 42 cents!

Come again! I will sell you at the same price!

Buyer, ok, agreed!

Everyone is happy. The seller, that amused, the buyer, that benefited a couple of dozen cents.

It takes a week. The buyer comes to the seller, he says, remember, I bought apples from you, 42 cents each!

Merchant, says I do not remember! I like you in a week are thousands!

But you yourself told me!

Ah, I think I remember it was you!

Yes I !

So sell me 42 cents 5 kg!

Not! What are you, prices have risen!

Come on! Prices have remained the same!

I'm your regular customer!

Well, well, good!

Let me sell you apples for 45 cents!

Not! You said for the same price! You what A word like a man do not hold?

Hey, hey, okay, let it be 42 cents! I will not forget you! Come, next time I will sell you 42 cents!

Good! Have agreed!

This is how the bazaar works in the East.

And going to the coolest boutique, where the price for an ordinary long-sleeved office shirt costs $ 62, a discount of 10 percent is possible. The buyer only smiles and leaves. Since he knows that this shirt was bought on the wholesale market, and its price is about 20 dollars.

So everywhere in the city, who knows, he buys in the wholesale markets, who does not know (tourists, nonresidents) that overpays 100-200 and sometimes 700 percent of the original price.

On the other hand, our goods are 3-4 times more expensive than in neighboring countries. We have high customs duties, almost 100 percent of the original price of the goods. Once in a neighboring town, which lies 150 km from us, in a neighboring state, a leather jacket cost $ 92, and we already have $ 1000. With a salary of $ 150, it is impossible to buy it! On the other hand, a difference of 908 dollars is terrible!

The salary of a techie in a neighboring country for the same job is $ 1000, we have 150! They have a jacket of 92 dollars and we have 1000! They have leather shoes worth $ 20 and we have 85!

That is, the difference is huge. In this situation, the purchasing power is not very large in our country. Therefore, most buyers think how to save? And not to buy something more expensive and save time and not money. In view of this, new market segments that are oriented towards new European trends are doomed. No one will massively buy the dough for ravioli, stuffing for pies, if the price is higher. Since it is easier to spend more time, but with save more money.


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