Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
36 The brilliant idea of trading or idiocy works too!
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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36 The brilliant idea of trading or idiocy works too!

For 30 years after the disappearance of the empire, the clan world was able to easily get rid of high technology and production. Having lost space, aircraft, tractor industry. And their development and not a screwdriver line on the assembly. These were their engineers, designers, turners, workers, scientists. It all costs a lot of money. There were those who could design and construct their domestic satellites and create rocket engines for them ... 30 years passed ... and none of them remained ... it needed to be able to destroy not only machine tools, research institutes, factories. In addition, the clans managed to destroy the domestic electronic industry.

One click of the clan's fingers and three industries disappeared, leaving people without work, tens of thousands of people were thrown out onto the street. It was impossible to find a job in the specialty, since there were no high-tech industries left. People were forced to leave for other countries and change citizenship. So Small An lost the highly qualified personnel and professionals.

New formats came, specialists became needed ... but they are not there ... now you need to pay $ 6,000 per month for them, and if then, they were not thrown out onto the street, their research institutes, factories would not to be closed, raised if they would have a salary at least up to 600-1000 dollars a month, now there would be both their own planes and satellites, it is possible that they would have rockets for launching satellites into space, their remote tractors ...

But a couple of powerful clans could easily destroy the production.

On the other hand, the empires has always been wary of small countries with high technology. Since small countries could always share these technologies with others. Like for example, in the period of lack of money and mass closure of thin technological productions, privatization of factories ... people were dispersed, factories closed, high-tech fraser machine-tool. Tthey were sold to other countries where, due to various reasons, it was impossible to buy machines on the world market.

For some 5 years, the majority of machine tools from closed plants transferred to other countries. There they established a new production and began to deliver goods to other countries, including Small An and the CAO kingdom ... but the prices for goods were already high.

Although Small An itself possessed both specialists and production tools in order to independently create high-tech goods, but for some reason they decided to give up.

At the time of the empire, about 65,000 professionals worked in the scientific and technological sphere of production. They spent $ 2.5 billion on science a year, now there are only 28,000 people left in Small An, and spend $ 44 000,000 a year on science.

It is necessary to manage, so skip from one economy to another! From a position of a developed economy, this must be managed to jump into the economy of the countries of the third world (already an obsolete term, during the Cold War). To lose for a couple of decades the entire high-tech base, professional and technical personnel. This can only be a fantastic dream.

When one world collapses, such as in the short story "A Will Eternal" and then the second one and you have to start from scratch. But one thing is in the fantasy world and another in the fiction of the real. People will not have to sweet. All their savings in banks for 30-40 years become nothing ... they will first be frozen for 15 years ... then they will remove 000 zeros ... then another 00 ... they will be withdrawn in parts of 10 percent, when 75 will remain in the account percent, they will freeze again for 10 years ... and when a person comes to the bank they will be given the balance of his savings, with interest, indexation equal to buy 1 apple ... this is a feast of idiocy! After all, the money was? But somewhere gone? The scam of the century! When millions of people suddenly became beggars ...

And pensions? People worked for 50-60 years ... and the pension is less than $ 50.

It is necessary to manage so obloposhit all those who destroyed the old world and they moved to a new one without anything ... sleight of hand of merchants, bankers and no fraud.

It takes 30 years ... and there is no science, no production, no future. If natural resources run out ... then human resources will remain ... for the clans that is enough.

Surprisingly, in 30 years, they failed to establish a public utilities system in the fictional, fantastic, Small An world.

It still remains not a quality, sold product, does not meet the stated requirements of the service provider itself, does not meet the quality standard. At the same time, there is neither recalculation nor deduction of payment for the days when the service was not delivered.

The purchase of metering counter is done by the consumer, the inspection is paid once every 3 years and is also carried out by the consumer. One counter costs $ 71, for an apartment they need from 2 to 3 only for cold water, there is also for hot water. Central heating can not be abandoned at the legislative level, although it is very expensive. Almost golden, so expensive it turns out.

At the same time paying for the service for the year ahead, then you have to pay extra for tariff increases.

Tariffs are rising in this fantastic world 3-5 times a year. Each time from 15 to 55 percent.

The reason for the increase in tariffs is not explained precisely, it may be for the modernization of the public utilities infrastructure, due to the increase in the dollar exchange rate to the national currency, due to the increase in global oil prices. What is interesting is that when oil prices fall, when the dollar falls to the national currency rate, there is no decrease in utility rates. Given that all national resources belong to the population of the country, but for them it does not receive a single cent from the sale of export, but it must also pay for these resources. Moreover, utility companies explain that consumers do not pay for the resource itself, but for its delivery ...

In general, while in a fantastic world, pseudo-realistic, Small An, no one was able to set up a system of public utilities, a golden monument to someone who could solve this problem probably will not be.

Not to mention the brilliant idea, the one who came up with this in the сommunall organization - to send consumers "non-existent debts and collect pennies and fines from them. Here is where the geniality of ideas, make money out of thin air!

Even when all the receipts for payment on hand, after 2-3 months of time and nerves, the communal service can say - this is a computer wrong, no apologies, no compensation ... nothing ...

This is how you can skillfully conduct a communal business! This is billions of dollars! Money from nothing.


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