Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
37 Monopoly as a great way to quickly become very rich
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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37 Monopoly as a great way to quickly become very rich

In the clan world, almost all big business is a monopoly. Starting from the communal service, where everything is from cold water, hot water, heating, gas, electricity, garbage disposal state monopoly. Moreover, the state one, but at the same time it has shares, which, nevertheless, cannot be bought as in the game "monopoly" on the stock exchange. Communal sphere, as it was already described in the last chapter, is a very profitable business! The consumer pays for the resources, although they already pretend to the population of the country.

Pays for their delivery. Pays for measuring counters. He pays for checking in the metrology laboratory of these measuring meters every 3 years. Tariffs for utilities are increased 3-4 times a year, from 15 to 35 percent at a time.

Often there are fines for non-existent debts. All modernization of the utilities system is paid by consumers. Salaries of utility workers are $ 300, while the average salary in the city is $ 150. At the end of the year, each monopolist and shareholder gets another $ 10,000. Consumer pays for everything. At the same time, the quality of service is low. The consumer is always guilty, since the utility is a state, it is a monopolist of services. Very profitable business.

There are the same monopolies in production - quadcopters, electronic cards, cars - assembly under license. Everywhere monopoly. Any new business, large, immediately wants to become a monopoly. This is not fair, not fair, but it works. Fast money!

This is of course talent, for some 30 years to transfer the economy from the developed to the economy of the banana republic.

Reduce the GDP from the conventional 500 billion dollars by 45 ... Lose in passing - the electronics industry, space, aviation, tractor ... But some 30 years ago, a fantastic containment space weapon was developed in the fantastic Small An, the development of a gravitational weapon followed. .. so that after 30 years there is no one left to build a jet engine for a satellite ...

There are no specialists left. You can only standing to applaud the genius of destruction. This is what happens when one world disappears and a new one appears.

The old heritage of the empire, scientific, technological, weapons, knowledge, culture disappears, buried in oblivion ... but someone from the clans makes billions of dollars on this and lives well in gold resorts in Europe. They teach their children from clans in the coolest foreign universities and provides a hedonistic life for his new generations up to the 5th generation.

They can simply buy a ready-made business in the West and live well.Them do not care that in their homeland hundreds of thousands of people were left without work, without money, without a future. This is also what happens when one world collapses and a new one appears.

And the clans in good standing and in the Western World ... nothing personal is a business ....


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