Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
41 Utopian world in the 21st century
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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41 Utopian world in the 21st century

Every day, according to the mass media in Small-An , there was a syrup of lies. It was like ideological brainwashing. If you listen and watch what is said formally, you would imagine that you live in a new world. The world of magic, magic, where any desire is fulfilled, where the in city fountains is ambrosia. But it was worth it to go out. to see the opposite. From the world of illusions and magic, the viewer found itself in the harsh reality - neo-feudalism with elements of the slave-owning system Small-An. At the same time outwardly ezdeli cars and flying aircraft. The scenery is easy to change.

In these 30 years of history, a fantastic country called Small-An has managed to achieve a lot (or lose?). The country has lost its status as a developed economy, lost $ 550 billion in GDP, highly developed culture, 98% of people with education, and 80 percent with higher education. Lost - industry, electronic, space, aircraft, tractor, agricultural combines, oil refining. Gold and foreign exchange reserves fell from 900 billion dollars to 29 ... External debt of 40 billion dollars appeared.

From the good news there was an increase in the population per year by 400 thousand people from 30 years of age, the population increased from 15 million to 45. But there was no work for them. Therefore, they were forced to look for work in other countries, sometimes even illegally ... 8 to 10 million people left the country every year in search of work ...

GDP fell to 30-50 billion dollars. 20 billion dollars were allocated for social projects and after that it has become 800 million dollars.

For 30 years, Small An have lost - free medicine and higher education. High culture, art, high-quality and affordable higher education, research and production base, highly qualified engineers, scientists, workers, millers, turners, carpenters, drivers, teachers, doctors all there disspeared.

Previously, 70 percent of doctors were qualified, now in the cities could barely find 3-4 percent competent doctors, 20 percent below average and the remaining percent ignoramuses!.

Wrong diagnoses, wrong treatment, and this is in the 21st century. Therefore, patients changed doctors, moving from one clinic to another and having failed to get quality care ... they found salvation from the charlatans of healers. The illnesses were treated with aviation kerosene! Hello 21st Century and make 18!

For centuries, trees, sources of water have been valued ... and for 30 years, all trees in cities were actually cut down ... for free timber ... so that clan factories could produce expensive furniture from these trees. Water sources overlapped, dried out ... public places such as parks and stadiums, were bought by clans ... and access to them was limited only for money ...

It seems that decent funds were allocated for education at 800-900 million dollars every year, but for some reason, the educational institutions did not have modern technology, computers, interactive boards. There were not even new tables, chairs, wall boards ...

The salary of the professors and lecturers was piecework. They trained students in September and their salary was received in August of the following year. The salary of lecturers at the rate was 130 dollars whereas 30 years ago the salary for the same job was 800 dollars.

In the modern period Small An salary of engineers was 80-100 dollars, the scientists had 150, the PH.D had 200 dollars, and the professors had 250 dollars.

The grant was given for three years but in the second year - clans distributing funds could freeze funding for the project or reduce it by 40-60 percent. And to redirect the vacated money to their projects ... the system for allocating money was not transparent.

Those who could not tolerate this and who had money they left for other countries and changed their citizenship. But usually, these were people from clans, only they had money, although they had money and their guards, mercenaries, they also had enough money.

Expressing dissatisfaction in Small An, it was considered bad form, especially to write about it. For this were their consequences. Could simply turn off from social life, pressure groups of clans could unscrew hands from joints. No one would help ... Therefore, people preferred to remain silent ... and smile broadly.

When they were thrown into the street, destroying the houses in which they lived, without giving compensation. Then only people shouted, and then, instead of 2 percent, they were given 6 percent of the real market value. The rights of inviolable private property in Small-An meant nothing.


Tourist facilities were destroyed ... to achieve a fair payment for the property destroyed by the clans was impossible.

Today the person was from the middle class with his home and tomorrow he was already without home...

At the same time, people were regarded in Small An only as "rent" is a human potential, a resource in one word! When the natural resources of the clans were almost fully depleted, then they remembered abour of the human resource.

If 30 years ago in Small An, there was a rich population, now the population is impoverished, but contrary to this now the clans were hedonists. They had accounts in European banks and the USA, they had their own shopping centers in Europe, a lot of real estate in the developed countries of the world, personal limousines, cars, islands, plane. Their security, their mercenaries, their army, their lawyers, their gardeners, their trolls, their journalists, their poets.

Well, somehow, such a utopian world in the 21st century ...


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