Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
43 Methods of merchants - who dress like - simple people and clan masters
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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43 Methods of merchants - who dress like - simple people and clan masters

There is also a "great" way to make quick money. Some dishonest merchants are packing. That is, take packages from under the Italian pasta and stuffed with pasta from another country. Italian weighs 399 grams and costs $ 5, from another country they weigh 900 grams and cost $ 2. The quality of the "falsification" is not so bad, but it does not draw $ 5.

The second method is intercepting the shelf life of the product. You do not need to spend money on recycling products, you can also earn money on it. Sometimes "crooks" go through goods, mixing spoiled goods and unspoiled.

Cunning traders can buy local textiles and sew supposedly foreign shirts out of it and sell them 5 times more expensive. But it is at least some work.

Sometimes this is a more primitive deception - they buy local shirts, sew tags of foreign manufacturers on them and put them in beautiful cardboard boxes. The price of local - 12 dollars for 1 piece, foreign 55 dollars.

The same farce and with shoes, produced from local raw materials, use cheap labor, equipment, mini-factory for the production of shoes. Price for a pair of shoes - $ 55. The market is exactly the same shoes worth 12 dollars.

There is also speculation, which is called the main tool of the modern market economy.

For example, the price of one medic in the suburbs can be $ 11, but in the center there are already $ 27. The shirt of the same manufacturer costs $ 8, and the store already costs $ 70.

Sometimes businessmen buy in Italy, for example, the old collection, which is not already bought, it was handed over for recycling. Here it is bought for 20 percent of the price, immediately average wholesale. And then at home in Small-An, they sell for 500 percent of the nominal price, saying that this is the last squeak of European fashion.

In the store, Spanish sneakers cost $ 760, and if ordered from the Internet, including shipping, you can buy for $ 360. But with an average salary of 150-200 dollars, who will buy such expensive things?

How is the average statistical citizen dressed?

Winter: Cap - made in China, price $ 6, jacket - either Turkey or China, price $ 100 and $ 55, vest - Turkey - price $ 40, shirt - Turkey, South Korea, China, price $ 70, $ 87 or Chinese for $ 20. Trousers - Turkey or China. The price is 80 dollars or 15. Shoes or boots - local production of 39 dollars or Turkey - 100 dollars or China - 45 dollars.

Summer: - Turkey shirt - $ 28, China trousers - $ 15, shoes Local production Small An, $ 35.

The most expensive accessory is an iPhone, usually China, the price is from 250 to 500 dollars, less often smartphones - Finland - the price is 50 dollars. There are also replicants of cellular phones of 2010 - $ 20 each.

If in the city you see a person dressed in Swedish or British or Spanish brands. then this is clearly a person who receives a salary of $ 5,000 a month. And this means that in front of you is either a person from an influential clan or his guard or someone from the clan environment - a gardener, a cleaner, a janitor, a cook, a chauffeur, a butler.

If there is a Swiss watch and leather shoes from Britain on a man's hand, then this means you have a young master of a very influential clan. His salary starts at $ 50,000 a month. Usually such ones don't go ...

But those in the city in ordinary places not to meet, except perhaps in the business district.

They drive Maybach, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus latest brands and years of release. Who is easier from their circle goes to South. Korean or Japanese luxury cars.

The percentage of those who earn more than $ 5,000 a month for the capital Small An, no more than 2-3 percent of the total population of the city. What is about 2 million people.

Some know how to live ...


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