Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
45 Merchant, Researcher, Artisan
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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45 Merchant, Researcher, Artisan

On the long road met three travelers. The first rich merchant. The second is a researcher, middle peasant. The third is a rich craftsman.

The first in the purse had 100 gold, 1 gold was equal to 10 silver coins and 1 silver - 30 copper.

The second in the purse was 2 gold and 12 silver and 60 copper.

The third in the purse was 4 silver and 70 copper.

At the merchant's house there was a basement in which there were dozens of hooks, which were laden with gold and silver coins.

The researcher's houses had 6 gold, 3 silver and 100 copper coins.

The craftsman's houses had five chests of gold, 10 with silver and 70 with copper coins.

A merchant traveled every day around the principality and organized a new business, making a profit.

The researcher spent all the money received on the study of science, travel and expeditions. He wrote books, shared knowledge. But periodically starved. Science did not bring profit.

The craftsman, every day went on his cart to the market and sold, woolen robes sewn by him, on the way back he brought travelers home for money. On the way, he learned a lot of new information, which he sold, the secret service of the prince.

Somehow these three met. Passed the way and went to the market.

It became sharply cold, a strong wind blew, this made me want to eat and shelter from the weather ...

They sold bread, meat, cooked vegetables. The merchant bought, without bargaining, all food for 90 silver coins at once. And also for 1 golden place on the second floor of the caravan - a barn. For him it was not money.

The researcher bargained a little with the owners of the caravanserai on the market and bought food, meat and hot water, with one bread, and a place on the first floor, in tea house, for 36 silver coins.

The craftsman bargained in the bitter cold and the wind for one hour, was able to bring down the price for himself to 38 copper coins and get a place in the hayloft. Buying two breads and hot water.

Who had a lot of money he did not even bargain. Whoever had little money, he bargained, but threw off not so much. Who had enough money, he bargained with inspiration until he hit the maximum price.

Being a whisper means paying more for goods and services that are not worth it.

Science for the sake of education, for the sake of research, for the sake of knowledge, which does not bring money, is an impermissible luxury.

To overpay for a product that costs 20 coppers, means ... that there is a lot of money and there is no difference how much to pay.

And those who are accustomed to save and save ... they find themselves in warmth, fed up and have their own chest with money


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