Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
46 Merchant- Scientist - Craftsman 2
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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46 Merchant- Scientist - Craftsman 2

After spending the night in a caravanserai, the three travelers headed on. The long road grows shorter, if there are good travelers who brighten a long way with wise conversation.

The merchant spoke of new opportunities, in connection with his interest in Small An, two great empires - Britain and Russia.

The craftsman said that France and the Austro-Hungarian Empire show their interest in our country!

New people come, bring new products and technologies.

A scientist said that this is all good, but look what the British are doing in the Qing Empire ?! And the Russian Empire has already arrived in Persia. And there the interests of the Bear and the Lion collided, and the Persians do not know whom to be friends with?

We are a small country, although 200 years ago, our territory was 7.5 billion mu, and now? Hardly 120 million mu. Why all? And all because we are just interested in the empire of the West!

Come on, you are a scientist, a researcher, to induce murk! This is a great achievement, civilization is coming to us! The merchant said enthusiastically! New products, new features, new ideas! New money!

I, for example, opened a store where I live the Singer typewriter. Bring them from the Russian Empire from the former Great Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth! The exiled Poles work for me, Dngi, I rowed a shovel! We sew new costumes, from our cotton, textiles I produce Germans ... And I sell costumes in Germany for gold coins! I have a profit of 1000 percent!

And you are a village! You do not understand the power of progress!

"Eh, merchant, you're wrong"! "They, foreigners, will come to us!" "Take away our land, our resources, our capabilities"! A worried artisan said!

"Yes, that is right"! "Big countries will never just help small ones"!

"Yes, and apparently, if you look at our allies, the Han and Persians. They are not sweet right now. We traded with them how much, boiled manti eaten together, we did not share resources, we used each other mutually, and the Europeans think very differently. ..

Big game "!" Have you heard about her, something "?

Not! I did not hear the merchant said.

"And I heard"! A fine craftsman!

"So, this is a game, it is on the way, and that way is Silk!"

"And this means that spies and scouts will come to us. And after them the merchants, and after the industrialists ... and there hello, independence, sovereignty ..."!

Hey, who cares about this? I will have gold and a good life under the new government!

and what is sovereignty? He will not give bread with butter and jam?


The craftsman and the Researcher (scientist) both, from a distance at the same time an exclamation of surprise!

And such people happen happen on light? !!!!!

"You're not a patriot" ?!

"How can this be?"

Well, what do you want, for me the money is the most important thing. Yes, probably for you too. Without money, do not live ...

Frankly speaking ... money decides everything! I will be able to build a new factory, my own processing, my own textile factory, I will open my stores, I will live suits and shirts, dresses and trousers. This is a gold mine!

"But what about the city for their homeland, their country"?

Well, what, the gold will open the way for me everywhere and a European will smile at both Asian and African and American.


Well, what did you want?

Money is the basis of life!

"And I thought that the basis of life is information"!

Well, that too, but money is important!

And then their conversation was interrupted ...

Rogues ...

Trick or beat?

The merchant did not want to give money, they beat him, took away the money, took away the beautiful clothes.

The craftsman talked with the robbers and found common acquaintances. His sister was married to the cousin of the robber ataman. They took from the artisan only the cost per pass and protection. Only 1 silver coin. Hugged fraternally.

The scientist clung to the book and said that he would not give it up for anything! The robbers simply laughed at him, finding him mad. And offend such people sin. Therefore, he was not touched, they even gave him a warm robe and a couple of dried apricots and two breads.

For the merchant, gold was more precious than honor and life. For which he was beaten.

The artisan relied on his language, ability to communicate, dating and communication. They helped him reduce the price of payment.

The scientist was absorbed in his science, knowledge, so that he was divorced from life, from reality. Therefore, for him the book was more expensive than common sense. He was regretted, and what should he take from the wretched one? He needs to be cherished and cherished, then the boomerang will return with a good one, karma will improve.

And for the robbers it is extremely important!

The battered merchant, having made sure that the robbers were gone ... groaning, took out 20 gold coins from his lining from his lining! We live! And smiled through the grimace of pain!

The artisan just grunted and shrugged ...

And the scientist was stunned by the generosity of the robbers and could not understand the reason for their kindness to him ?! Well, scientists sometimes get simple things for a long time, whereas in complex they swim like a fish in water.

The world has changed ...


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