Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
47 Merchant- Scientist - Craftsman 3
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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47 Merchant- Scientist - Craftsman 3

10 years have passed ... The Empire conquered Small An, the brave warriors of the principality fought off the troops of the empire for 1 week but fell. What could do wick guns and spears with arrows against the guns of the system of Berdan, grapes and 24 pound guns. And also on the side of the empire were traitors from the local elite, who already 5 years before had secretly passed over to the empire.

The valiant defenders of the principality fell near the city walls and on the streets of the city. They were quickly forgotten ...

Within 10 days, all the city walls were destroyed. Peasants and artisans had to pay an additional tax, in addition to local government, added colonial.

Good lands were given to new residents of the empire, the locals were moved to less comfortable ...

All customs and border points were replaced with imperial ones, the currency was eliminated and imperial currency was introduced.

All the ambassadors were expelled, the principality was forbidden to engage in foreign policy.

All mines, mineral deposits, water sources came under the control of the empire.

But on the other hand, new schools, medical hospitals, and a railway were built, so that you could quickly transport troops to the borders and take out resources from the new colony.

They built new factories, workshops, began to produce new types of heavy and light industry.

The irrigated lands were sown with a solid technical crop from which powder and textiles were obtained.

And the food, cereals brought from the empire ...

And so, new technologies came to the principality ... new streets appeared, gas lanterns, the principality from the Middle Ages immediately jumped into wild capitalism ... but as it turned out not long after 40 years ...

... Another 5 years passed ... The merchant opened a trading house, became even richer, bought a huge five-storey house in a new imperial district. I bought myself European carriages, put servants and guards in European clothes ... As it turned out later, the merchant was an agent of the empire, he worked for the Asian Department.

The craftsman moved to Dehra Dun ... on Kalidas Road. He settled in the brigadier general's outhouse ... bought a trade line at Hatti Barkala bazaar, where he sold his copper and silverware, quilted robes and wadded blankets ... As it turned out later, he was an agent of Etymological Intelligence of the British Empire, deputy chief of 4 divisions Central Asia and the Middle East.

And the researcher ... he was engaged in science ... while he was given ... but he wrote something "not that", "not according to the format of the new empire" and he was expelled from the city ... deprived of money, social status.

He lived in a cave eroded in a sandy hill near a salt lake ... for 16 years ...

Then he returned ... when the old empire collapsed and ... a new one appeared. Sick, poor, but happy ... who was nobody, he became everything ... he was given the opportunity to publish and engage in his research in the newly created university. The researcher became a doctor of sciences, a lecturer, the only academician in the former principality of Small-An and the former colony!

I lived for another 20 years ... after I left a scientific school ...

80 years have passed ... his students worked closely with Chinese scientists, created a joint production of new equipment to search for minerals using drones ... but this is another story.

As it turned out later - the researcher was a simple man, he was not an agent, a spy, but just an ordinary citizen of Small-An, even during it's colonization ...


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