Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
48 Modern methods of business in Small-An
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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48 Modern methods of business in Small-An

To be able to do business!

"But as"?

It's simple!

You take woodcutters, sawing trees in a city, a village ... no one asks why you are chopping?

Then to the woodworking plant ...

You get free raw materials ... you saw and make expensive parquet, furniture, and you put money in your pocket.

And taxes?

Well, you pay at the minimum rate of 11 percent ...


"Is it possible"?

Of course!

There is a simpler way ... you buy pieces from wooden plates, they are cheaper than the plate itself. Cut to size.

You collect, from them furniture.

Buying parts in bulk, it turns out 300-400 percent cheaper than when buying in retail.

The cost of one cabinet in this way is about $ 35, and you sell it for $ 390.

The second option, with medical equipment, collects it on the knee, screwdriver assembly, the cost price of 20-30 dollars. And sell to those in need for 500 - 600 dollars. You can donate medical equipment, beds, strollers for $ 150 a month, a gold mine!

"But what about conscience"?

Ah, bro, in the 21st century there is no such thing as a conscience!

There is another option to buy cheap drugs on the wholesale market, to enter into a price deal with competitors, to sell drugs, overestimating their cost 1000 times. Easy Money!

You can buy in China, furniture fittings for small wholesale in 3000 pieces conditionally for $ 20 and sell at retail every item for $ 5. Big profit!

"Is that what you call a market economy?"
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Yes! This is a market!

Who had time, he ate!

"But now in our markets there are mainly Chinese materials" ... "and, not Beijing - factory, but from technical parks. Villages ... some internal prefectures of China, where the quality leaves much to be desired ...

Why, there are Italian materials ... made under a license in China, there are French ... made under a license in China ... but the price, for example, of a measuring meter, from a village in China is 30 cents and under the license is already all 10 dollars.

Americans do not want us to be friends with China!

But their hands are short ...

Why all?

Because we have all the processing plants from China, as well as other infrastructure ...

For example, the telecommunications sector is all from China, we do not have enough money to buy another. And China has always been our ally. But we are also friends with the United States, a great country, there are many of our guest workers ... according to Green Card ... As in other countries, in Russia, China, they scattered around the world about 10 million people.

There are always opportunities to develop business ...


"About 30 percent work in the shadows and do not pay taxes" ... but they receive remuneration for their services clean, not $ 150 a month, but the whole 1000.

Are they parasites? Partially yes, partly not. On the one hand, they don't bring money to the budget but earn their living ...

In general, this is a delicate question ...


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