Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
53 Curious stories from a scientist from the mountains of Light p.3
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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53 Curious stories from a scientist from the mountains of Light p.3

I wonder when we cleaned the old tree ... we decided to dig up the roots, and not just from the burn?


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Well yes! In hemp, make a drill with a nozzle a hole 20 centimeters deep ... and 15 cm wide. I fill it with kerosene or gasoline. Close the hole with a bag. A week later, when gasoline spreads through a still living tree, it is set on fire. This is inhumane ... cruel, inhuman ... but such methods can also sometimes be seen in the city.

We just dug a hole near the stump ... took out a stump ... and next to it, to our surprise, we found a small wooden chest. And in it ... old books in Arabic, a parish book, icons and a revolver, with a dozen rounds, several royal medals, a stack of gold coins with the image of the Russian tsar and some kind of decayed piece of paper that, when touched, it disappeared with us in front of my eyes.

Apparently it was a treasure, of some tsarist official ... who, when changing formats, decided to bury it all and then come back ... apparently he didn't come back.

We handed over the weapons, called the police ... and the find was placed in the local historical museum ... that was in a provincial town. And then all this disappeared somewhere ... or maybe just transferred to a storeroom ...

The historian thoughtfully puffed on a cigarette ... I then looked in the archives and funds ... found data that in this village there was a police officer, foreman ... after the revolution, as a counter-revolutionary, he was taken to an emergency commission to check ... and after he escaped ... he was never found ... although there is a note in the fund's data that he was seen in Kashgar in 1930 ... he worked as a clerk in the bazaar.

Well, somehow the story is formed ... from notes, finds ... studies ...

There were also finds of flint flakes, some broken ceramics ... once in a karst cave I found the bones of a cave lion ... passed them to the museum of geology ...

On the plain I found petrified shells and black shark teeth, they were 20 centimeters long and 7 centimeters wide ....


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