Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
54 Curious stories from a scientist from the mountains of Light p.4
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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54 Curious stories from a scientist from the mountains of Light p.4

Interestingly, I took the old maps, the Arabian paths, and made a map with it, put it on ea satellite images of different years and I got a new map. Map of the ruins and trade roads of the Silk Road period. On them I even found the lost cities and villages that existed in the 7-9 centuries of our era and were in the 10-16 centuries. And then they suddenly disappeared.

- Gone? How so? Were and suddenly gone?

Everything is simple. The situation changed, copper was no longer needed, in such volumes as was previously required, in other cases, there were gold mines near the settlements ... but then they were canned ... and the merchants stopped coming. Since there was nothing besides gold in these cities ... there were also those cities where roads changed, they began to pass through more convenient places ...

Merchants stopped coming ... and people left the cities ... some villages were covered with sand ... some were smelled during the era of total industrialization ... During the race for the USA ... when the task was to get more crops than in the USA. ..

And everything that could be smelled and turned into arable land was smelled. During this period of time, many old clay fortresses and caravanserais suffered this fate.

Surprisingly then these objects were not even studied by historians ... how many books in Arabic were simply destroyed, as well as in Chinese, in Persian ...

Now it's just that I am doing research ... I learned a lot. China and Persia were much closer to us than described in historical literature. Neither the Greeks nor the Chinese had a greater influence in antiquity.

Now the Chinese have come to Small-An again ... they are a deterrent to the neo-colonization ... of large empires.

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The Silk Road unites ... as in antiquity ...

... Previously, our mountains of Light ... were closer to Arabistan, Europe, China, Persia than now ... there was trade, caravans arrived every 2-3 months ... brought goods from the East.

Bananas, nut nuts ... were known back in the 15-17th centuries ...

It was later that, with the advent of the Iron Curtain, all trade relations were broken ... and our mountains simply became a "region forgotten by the world."

For example, in the mountains, on the pass, I found an old Arabian caravanserai. Its ruins ... it operated from the 9th century to the 12th century ... when I looked near its walls, at a depth of 40 cm I found a couple of coins ... they were dated to the Tang era and 5 dynasties and 10 kingdoms and the Yuan empire ... So the trade continued ?!

There were Arab dinars and Umayyad dinars and dichramas ...

Of course, there you need to work with a metal detector and geophysical equipment. But it's impossible to work with us at such facilities without obtaining special permission from the Committee for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. Especially if it is not a legal entity. In general, I have filed an application so far, but there is no answer ... I've been waiting for the third year already. This is probably why many mountain areas still remain "white spots" in history.

There is another interesting object to study, an ancient fortress, on the site of the settlement and the source of water, known since the Neolithic! The fortress appeared later in the 8th-13th centuries and was rebuilt three times in the 14th century, 16th and 19th ...

The study of the fortress was ... but superficial in 1946, 1957 and 1976 ... and now there are new tools, new technologies that could give more practical material ... but for some reason everything remains unexplored.

History is also part of politics ... some of the data can simply be silent, forget, not say ... here history turned in another direction. Although this is a substitution, falsification of facts, but who cares? History as a science, this is a separate song ... but we will not talk about this sad topic.

For example, following a map compiled by myself, I went from a wholesale bazaar where goods were brought from Yarkend, Kashgar and Gaochan ... to the Svet Mountains. Surprisingly, on the way I used a metal detector ... found a lot of interesting material ... can be called cultural heritage monuments ...

These are mainly coins and arrowheads ... broken copper jugs, saber remnants, peak tips ... horseshoes ...

In the mountains of Light, I also found cartridges, cartridges, a pair of rifles and revolvers and machine guns of the First World War ...

Surprisingly, our region of the mountains of Light covers an area of ​​40 thousand square kilometers and the history of the eras of various empires, powers and principalities over 60 centuries is concentrated on it !!!!


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