Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
56 Curious stories from a scientist from the mountains of Light p.6
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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56 Curious stories from a scientist from the mountains of Light p.6

- And what was that?

Treasure. As usual ... and it was divided into two parts, the big one was hidden, somewhere on the Hindu Kush pass, the smaller one here. Which one is more valuable? Hell knows?

And before there, no one in their right mind gets ... the traces of the second part of the puzzle are lost, there ... and not the fact that these cards were saved there ... Probably all these cards have long been in the arsenal of etymological intelligence of the British Empire.

Well, our treasure ... these were three large chests of gold coins dating from the 16th century. Although there were gold and silver coins of the 7-15th centuries. Including Arab, Dutch, English ... trade ... silver pieces from China ... copper coins. Silver jewelry was found with turquoise, agate, pomegranate, amethyst, rock crystal, uncut diamonds ... a few rubies and emeralds, just a couple of dozen.

Old manuscripts in Farsi and Arabic ... all this was transferred to state museums ... and only specialists have access to them. But hell knows what kind of research they did, because they couldn't share their articles for the general public ... Maybe they found something ... or maybe not ... But I didn't see this treasure anymore.

- And what about the reward?
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Ahahahahhahahahahaha! Well, you made me laugh ?! In Small-An, we still have the old imperial system, based on "that everything found in the land belongs to the state" and "Not to a private person" ... so that they didn't give a damn except "honorable letters "!

Therefore, I said that the search process itself was more exciting than the result itself! Ahahahhahahahhahaa !!!!

This is for you baby is not a capitalist relationship! Here in Britain they found a treasure, who found it, divided it 50 into 50 with the owner of the land, a farmer. And then the treasure hunter bought himself a big house, a car and a lot of money left with this money. And the find of the 10th century was bought out by state and private museums. This is how the capitalist system works!

And here ... well, let's not talk about sad things ...

There is a second way, or better to say, there are treasures not directly related to coins or jewelry ... but they are connected with the cultural heritage, namely with the ancient gene pool ... ancient plants, garden and garden cultures.


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