Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
58 Curious stories from a scientist from the mountains of Light p.8
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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58 Curious stories from a scientist from the mountains of Light p.8

And there are more bonuses ... how do they appear? Yes, this is a smart approach, new markets for products ... The world did not stand still, like our Small-An ... did not live 35 years in the groundhog day. The world has developed, all sales markets are already occupied by other countries, contracts are concluded for 15-20 years in advance. And then we appear ?! And hello I am your aunt, we came give us a place in the market ?! Now! Of course, no one will give anything! Especially if the products do not meet very stringent requirements - quality, safety, and the price is already set on the global market. Dumping stocks cannot work in the medium term.

In the market, a new player can gain a foothold only by providing exclusive products, and at the same time, he must know "his buyer".

All over the world, every year, thousands of experts, chefs of researchers study new and old forgotten varieties of fruits, berries, root crops to find a new and unforgettable taste, texture, aftertaste, aroma, structure, color, etc.

Just our, forgotten varieties - nuts, berries, fruits, root crops, can provide these experts with what they are looking for!

These are unique fruit samples of the 17-18-19 centuries. Alas, we used to have an institute for the conservation of biodiversity and the gene pool of plants and animals ... BUT, there was not enough money in the budget for this institute, and it was closed ... but the collection disappeared ... it could not contain, many seeds were gone, part dragged away ... so there is nothing left for today.

Therefore, my work is all that we have ... I have already talked about this many times! But now it seems we can try to implement this idea. Recently, in March, a young businessman, farmer Dara, came to visit us ... so now we decided to try to grow the varieties I found in my mountains and in his foothills. Let's see what happens ?!

This is not only money, but also the preservation of the cultural heritage of our ancestors! Their respect and reverence for their work!

Why can't this be done on a mass basis? Because modern farmers in our Small-An do not understand the intricacies of doing agribusiness. They want crops to be higher and not their quality and taste. With this approach, their varieties of garden and horticultural crops are lost. More and more dominance of foreign, from Eastern Europe and Western Asia and the Far East.

Meanwhile, our unique varieties just disappear. You will not see them in the capital markets, and indeed in large cities. If they are, only in local markets.

If 30 years ago we had a wide variety of local varieties of fruits and melons, dozens of varieties, now there are less than 8-9 varieties and that's all!

If this trend continues ... then, with a high degree of probability, it can be argued that in 5 years local varieties will disappear altogether!

And so we are now with Dara ... we will be able to preserve the old views in the world market, in particular with our friends from Sichuan, we can sell these products. And they have access to world markets!

We are fortunate that, historically, China, Persia and Arabistan were our ally. So with the right approach, we have good prospects.

And what can I say, many of our compatriots live in Arabistan, they managed to escape ... before the advent of the empire ...

It is amazing that I saw our compatriots from Small-An, in Sweden ... they are really fair-haired, their eyes are blue, but they remember their native language. True ... they changed their faith ... now Protestants. And at the same time, of course, they are not the same as before.

It is amazing how many of our compatriots have traveled around the world ... but not everyone has managed to maintain their identity! Well, who lives like that.

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Here, Dara and I will turn around!


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