Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
59 Curious stories from a scientist from the mountains of Light p.9
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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59 Curious stories from a scientist from the mountains of Light p.9

Interestingly, the taste and aroma, texture of berries, fruits, nuts, edible roots, it is unique. Not only tasty, but also healthy. Persians, for example, often used healthy food as a treatment for diseases. The Chinese used food as an additional treatment. A good, full-fledged dream, the right food is 80 percent health, Dara told me so, and his friend, Fang from Chengdu, told him! And 20 percent of health is achieved with the right medication.

I'll say that we still need a good doctor who will make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment!

Here, just what a person has depends on the person.

We can provide people with a healthy line of food.

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And to world culinary specialists, new, actually old and well-forgotten tastes. We will sell a little ... but in this way the price will be higher.

High-quality, environmentally friendly product, which also gives a healing effect. And for this, we need to interest elite restaurants. How to do it? Find the right people!

How to find? Through acquaintances, friends.

Foreign tourists often come to our mountains ... scientists, and through them we will make new contacts. Foreign scientists are not simple ... most of them, the elite in their countries. Just recently a German came to us, a scientist so-so, but his uncle was a big shot in Berlin. Or a French woman, a scientist, came in for climate, and she is a countess ... a European, sophisticated aristocracy, among other things, and she is a master of business administration ... that is, she knows a lot about money. She has her own business, restorn!

It is through them that we will sell our products! Move to European markets! The main thing is to start, and there the investments will be pulled. Maybe we'll win some kind of foreign grant to object to the ancient agro-cultures in the highlands ?! Who knows? Need to try?!

Indeed, a great potential is laid in these agro-cultures! Then people were not so frail, immunity was higher! And the secret lies precisely in the fact that before the fruits were clean, with great vitality!

Just the very thing, for Europeans and Asians with their poor ecology, inherited from the industrial era!

And you ask, why is it so clean here?

Everything is simple! Very simple! 35 years as we have no industry ... so everything is clean and good.

- And the mining industry?

It's not in our mountains ... all the mines have been developed ... only artisanal artels have remained ... so that cleanliness and peace ...

"But what about strontium 137?" Does it stay in the soil for a long time?

Uh, well, you've completely gone already ... we have done research ... everything is clean ... don't hesitate!

So, we started with Dara ... to organize our own eco-store, we will pack and sell our products to Europe and China.

So far, only in two small restaurants near Paris and in three restaurants in Chengdu. Well, then we'll see how things go!

The main thing is that we and Dara will have foreign currency! And this means that Dara will be able to buy new technologies for processing berries and nuts!

Its cool! And I can finally realize my grandiose project to publish the results about the history of the mountains of Light! It's worth it!


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