Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
61 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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61 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique

The historian noticed, I decided to make a map of all the ruins, abandoned mines and mines, smelters, caravanserais and fortresses, abandoned villages and temples and clusters of cave paintings

It took me 10 years. In total, in the mountains of Light, Fisherman, Pistachios, Robbers, White Mountain Ram, Red Apple and Black Mountains, I found about 350 historical sites.

Made a map. Now received permission to use a metal detector and geophysical equipment. It took another 5 years.

Now I am combing, square by square, of all these historical artifacts. I enter the information in the database.

It may seem boring, not related to trade, but it is not ...

I am compiling a map of the trade roads and trade infrastructure of the Silk Road during the period of Imperial Tan and the Arab Caliphate on the territory of our Light Mountains.

My findings and research change history, give a better understanding of how the trade was carried out and what they sold and what they bought.

According to my information, which I found in a pre-mine mine of the 15th century ... in an old Arabic manuscript ... that it is in these mountains, the Light or the Pistachios, that a part of Mirzo Ulugbek's library is hidden. And hid her, his faithful disciple Ali Kushchi!

I thought it was close to solving the mystery. The faithful student took most of the manuscripts to Istanbul, but he hid some interesting works in one of the buildings, in the old caravanserai. With the name "moonlight path". The difficulty of the search lies in the fact that on the writings of Arab and Persian historians of the 16-18th centuries there are seven names of such caravanserais - three in the Svet mountains and four in the Pistachio mountains. But I found only two caravanserais, their ruins, in those mountains. There are no data on caravanserai on the maps of the 16-17th centuries, and there are names on the maps of the 18-19th centuries, but they are all different.

I think this is probably due to the fact that the names of the toponyms of these caravanserais have changed over 300 years ...

I would continue to search the collections and archives to narrow the search ... BUT, our smart heads in Small-An decided to update the history of the country, having deleted from it the past connected with the empire ... and most translations of works from Arabic and Farsi was made in imperial times ...

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As a result, millions of books from collections and archives were simply ripened ... And what can I say? So can you change the story? Faking her? Only for the young generation ... and the old one will remember ... and there's not much sense from this ...

So I just had to stupidly check all the caravanserais in these two mountains ... and this is not as fast as we would like ... it will take at least 20 more years ...

But maybe by that time new technologies will appear that will make it easier to find the hidden underground?


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