Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
66 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 6
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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66 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 6

And so, finding two or three caravanserais on the map, I mark equal distances of 35 and 37 km, then I look at them in a satellite image. They are all digital. Take off the coordinates. I arrive at the place, on the navigators I find these points. I launch the drone, it from a height of 200 meters helps me determine where the remains of the ruins can be located.

And when I went to this place with the help of a navigator and a drone shot, I began to comb the area ... for the presence of shards of ceramics, as a rule, they immediately lay on the green. The remains of bricks. Coins, buttons, nails, chains ... Sometimes I find it right away. Sometimes not. Then I plug in the geophysical equipment and look for voids ... I compose a geophysical map ... and after that I raise information from the thematic database.

Now it has become easier to work. Since I use satellite Internet, from the antenna, and earlier ... and now the mobile Internet, like the stationary one, works in the areas "below the baseboard" (the local expression for very shitty works).

I can immediately go to paid databases in various electronic libraries around the world. Therefore, as a rule, in 8 cases out of 10 I can get information about a particular subject or object.

- "Dear, are you just doing this for a hobby or is it your job, you are making money on this"? He asked, intrigued by Dara.

Well, what can I tell you. At first I was carried away as a hobby, and now I am making money on it. I'm leading a YouTube channel, I get money from advertising, I sell finds. With advertising, I get 300-500 dollars a month, now I have 400,000 subscribers for my channel. Sometimes manufacturers or online retailers selling search equipment enter into a contract with me for 3-6 months. I advertise equipment on my channel, test it and for this I get another $ 300 a month. Well, sometimes there are valuable finds that can make a profit in 4 days of searching as in 3 years of work. And sometimes weekly finds barely cover the amount spent on gasoline and energy for tools, and sometimes even go to minus.

This is when, instead of coins and some ancient and old objects, I raise all trash - like "Fingers" for tractors, some kind of iron scrap. On the collected iron, a lot of money does not make 1 kg costs us 30 cents. The cost of travel will not pay for the transportation of the found iron to a metal collection point.

- And what except coins can be sold? asked Dara.

Buttons, arrowheads and spears, axes, irons, but this good is not enough on the plain. Sometimes there is an old harness, collectors give good money, especially if it is a clan harness. It was usually made of silver with semi-precious stones, locally produced. Turquoise, carnelian, amethyst, garnet, less often rhinestone and river pearls.

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- Yeah, the most expensive pearl, used to be sea, then lake, followed by river, and in the last place cave of the mountain, cave lakes. He said with the air of a connoisseur, Dara.

Wow! So you know something too! Joking, the historian remarked!

"Yes, no" (a local expression - showing confusion, an excuse) - I just read something about it from Frank Pursel, a French cave explorer. Confusedly answered, Dara.

Well, you're right, Dara, the historian said. So I practically didn't have any pearls, 2 for several years ..

Well, sometimes you can find jewelry, earrings, rings, rings ... and head jewelry. They were usually made of royal silver and less often gold coins.

Then consider that you hit the jackpot. Such an decoration in incomplete form costs about 600 dollars, and if complete, then all 5000 dollars.

"And what is it all just for the money?" You, as a historian, don't you want to systematize all this? With the fuse of a young and green (naive) university graduate, Dara said.

Why don't I want to? Want! Yes, and I do! Slowly!

I want to make an electronic atlas - reconstruction of roads - Arab time and Chinese, trade roads and trade infrastructure. Completely find all caravanserais, lost cities, bazaars of barter trade.


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