Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
67 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 7
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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67 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 7

Atlas would have gained my findings at every point, indicating the time, the era from which he was. Who traveled along these roads, what they sold, what things, how much they sold or what they exchanged for. Then, where he sold these goods, what profit he received. To punch all the roads not only in our part of Small-An, but also to enter into cooperation with China, Persia, Arab countries, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Japan ... well, this is a fixed idea ... but it would be nice to do this global atlas. Moreover, accessible to the masses of enthusiasts and not just a narrow circle of elite scientists. From such elite studies, there is little sense, no one knows what they are researching there. Scientists boil in their juice, and practical application is almost zero. Sense of such knowledge?

But I want this data to be freely available ... so that history buffs can easily get acquainted with them and not rummage through the archives. Everything would be concentrated in one place.

- Well, not shit to yourself ?! !!! This is heavy work !!!! I admired Dara !!!

Well, this is a dream! And so there was one more ... but I definitely don't have enough money for it ... this is already connected with paleoecology and the change of biocenoses from the Tertiary period, capturing the Quaternary and ending with the Holocene period.

- Of course, for sure, you won't pull it! Said, maliciously, Dara.

Eh, I myself know that I won't pull it, and it would be interesting to know how the development of mankind went ... well oh well, back to the topic of our discussion.

So far, for the sake of example, I want to draw up an electronic thematic map of historical artifacts and cultural heritage sites on an area of ​​60,000 square meters. km That is, within our borders, Small-An.

And then, go to an international grant, attract foreign scientists and search engines and start searching in neighboring countries for treasures and lost knowledge. The manuscripts, they say that in some caravanserais there were hiding places and in them the scientists who were pissed off for their labors, hid. It was an elite society of scientists on the Silk Road. Their goal was to preserve knowledge, money for them was in second place and knowledge in the first.

Unless of course, this is fake, 18th century clerks, they could just laugh at the readers. But believe does not interfere.

- Ohhhh, sensei, shifu, taxi (my lord) you are cool in your ambitious plans !!! But this seems to be utopia !!!! This does not raise one person !!! But the idea is just 1000000 percent !!!! Noticed, Dara.
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Well ... you're right about something ... it's an idea, a thought, a desire, and there of course, at least to fulfill 10 percent of this would be a good start!


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