Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
68 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 8
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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68 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 8

And so of course, here I am compiling, specifying my map.

"What is she like?" He asked, Dara.

An electronic map, in GIS format, with attached attribute databases. This is a working version. But now I want to transfer it to the Web Gis platform! And apparently we'll have to talk with the developers, there were guys in Austria before. They can make a more interesting version than google map. That's what I need.

This map will reflect not only spatial data but also photographs, video, audio ...

- Eeee, dear, this is the last century!

- The simpler the better, why spend money on such garbage!

- Do what you can, start the "first pancake lumpy" - (the local expression, which means first, is difficult, but then it turns out, literally, the pan has not yet warmed up, but the second pancake will already be baked).

- Let you have at least a primitive version, but on your hands that you can show investors from scientific funds. And then you get financing for this ?!

Yes, you're right, I seem to have sat up in the mountains, something in my head has stopped thinking soberly! The historian said, embarrassed, but at the same time his eyes burned in them sparks were visible!

I have two cards, one electronic and one raster, I work with it. Honestly, historian.

- Ahahahahahaha, I thought so, with us and that the technology of the 21st century ... said, laughing Dara.

The historian smiled ... well, electronic gadgets also work, but not everywhere and not always.

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- And then ???! After all, we still have a law in place to restrict the import of imported laptops with increased capacity, they are not sold to us.

Uh, do I hear this for the first time? Why aren't they selling us? The historian was indignant.

"Well, we are, as it were, an ally of the third empire ... therefore, apparently, they are not selling. Said Dara.

- That is, the echo of the Cold War is still alive!

Well, how could it be otherwise ... in our capital there are still bomb shelters from nuclear weapons ... though they have not been updated for a long time ... but they remain as monuments of the Cold War.

But again we slipped into the discussion of the wrong topic ...

By the way, I will notice that in addition to the roads themselves, they are the most "Rich" for finds, "crossroads" of ancient roads and places near wells and "sardobes" of underground reservoirs.

That's just on the old maps of the 16-18 centuries there are such crossroads. But when you transfer them to a modern topographic basis, you have to smash your head.

Since the cards until the end of the 18th century, royal and Italian were oriented to the "south" as the Arab, and not to the familiar modern "north".

- Wow, everywhere its subtleties!

Of course, as without them. Like part of the maps of the second empire, there were deliberate errors in order to confuse the potential enemy.

In this regard, the royal topographic maps of military topographers of the 19th century are more accurate than maps of the second empire of the 20th century. Everyone is talking about this, not only ours from Small-An, but also French and German scientists.

And so I sculpt these crossroads, they usually lie in the steppes, in the mountains they are more difficult to identify ...


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