Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
69 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 9
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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69 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 9

In the mountains it is difficult to look for intersections, but there are more finds. If there are more small and copper coins on the plain, then in the mountains there are also gold coins.

Interestingly, more often finds of small coins and not medium or large. For example, these are coins - pennies, cents, faces - everything, small copper coins *, for which you could have breakfast and lunch well at the time, and there would still be something left for the evening. But it depended on the time when there was peace, the price of a coin was higher, when the war was lower.

What is of no less interest is that you mainly find coins either fresh, which are 10-20 years old, then there are coins from the second empire, which are 70-80 years old. Farther away are the coins of the first empire and various small principalities, as well as neighboring countries - Persia, Idnia, the West Indian Company, Afghanistan, age 100-200 years.

But coins for 300-400-500 years can be found very rarely. Not to mention coins that are 700 and 1000 years old. But they meet. There are more in the mountains, probably because the mountains are less explored and less exposed to agricultural activity.

On the plain, such coins can only be found in ancient ruins that black diggers plundered 200 years ago. In the dumps that they created, then, these black diggers, missed the coins. Sometimes you can find such coins near the roots of trees that are over 1000 years old. Sometimes they lie at the bottom of small mountain streams. Probably the water, once washed them and from some slopes of the mountains ... and transferred to this place.

Sometimes when searching for coins in the mountains you can find flakes, flinty times of the Neolithic or Eneolithic ... on the slopes of the mountains or second terraces.

In the floodplain of mountain rivers, in addition to fresh coins of 10-40 years ago, one can also meet modern two-trunks or 7 charging carbines. This, the poachers hide them when they see the forester ... then the procedure is very unpleasant. It is necessary to report the findings to the police, then to the forester, to the directorate of the reserve or national park. Then write an act of seizure of two witnesses. And bring weapons to the police station. There, hand over it for painting, write an explanatory. And there, the police are already starting to look for a poacher. So such findings are not very encouraging, search engines.

- "Sucks, however!" Hush up, Dara.

Not that word! Day then consider spoiled.

Therefore, we are afraid in the floodplains of the rivers, with dense vegetation there is nothing to look for. In addition to these troubles, there may also be snakes.

Especially in spring and summer. They like to relax in the thickets of nettles or mint. A bite of a steppe viper if you do not have an antidote is fatal. I did not have time to inject two or three antidotes, after 1.5 hours there will be convulsions, and hello ... And the antidote, serum is not sold in pharmacies, just like that.

We need the special permission of a doctor, a consultation, issued for signature, numbered, and it costs unmeasured, 1 ampoule of about 55 dollars. If you can find more. Not often brought. In a private pharmacy you can already find for $ 120. But in principle, foresters have them, 5-6 ampoules, but sometimes the expiration date is already expired ...

By the way, these snakes still love to sit on the branches of shady trees. And on the slopes of the mountains, in the spring, such spiders of small size crawl "karakurt". Black with red or yellow spots. Their bite is 10 times stronger than that of a cobra. So why are we also not so willing to go to the mountains in spring and summer. And in winter it's slippery and you can break. So the time for hunting coins mainly falls in the fall.

- "I wonder why a lot of small coins are found and not large ones"? He asked, Dara.

I think this is due to the fact that in those days, people already switched to canvas wallets and sometimes they carried coins in their pockets. They were full of holes, and smaller coins woke up, while larger ones remained. Or simply larger coins in denominations, people stored more carefully.

Or just didn't carry it with you.

"Who were these people who were losing coins?" Asked Dara.

Apparently, these were nomads, hunters, collectors of brushwood and dung, fishing, peasants, soldiers, travelers, small traders and merchants.

It is also interesting to look for coins, near wells, old wells that are at least 300-500 years old.

- "And how do you find them, how do they look in space images?" asked Dara.

Wells look like small white dots to which roads go, intersections like stars, with many rays. We find the analysis of old maps.

Maps used to be found in archives and funds, but nimble guys dragged them all away in the 90-00s. And what remains, they are not accessible, just like that, to a person from the street. Now all these old cards have passed into the hands of dealers, search engines, collectors. To get a scanned copy, you need to pay money from 10 to 20 dollars apiece, some cards cost more in the range of 100-200 dollars.

Although some of them you can find on drains, or old used books in Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Austria. Well, how lucky. They are also in various private research institutes, but there, to get their copies of cards, you need to pay more money and share the result. There are many troubles. But if you write or conduct some kind of research work, you can get funding from the initial fund. If you win some kind of science grant. But it's too late for me ...

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"Why?" Surprised asked, Dara.

Well, you see, such grants are easy to get young, and after 50 years nothing shines. Especially if you are just an amateur researcher, a private individual, and not a legal one, if you do not work anywhere at a research institute or university, college. To get financing is not real.


* 70 faces a copper coin weighing 33 grams, was equal to 1 silver tenge weighing 4 grams, which was equal to 1 gold tilla weighing 15.2 grams.


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