Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
70 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 10
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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70 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 10

And the finds of coins and sometimes cadads can also be found at the bottom of the wells, so recently found two treasures in the well. At the bottom of one dry well, there was a chest full of Arabic manuscripts from the 17-18th centuries, gold and silver coins, uncut diamonds and silver jewelry. Truth. one human life was lost to find him. The tractor driver and the tractor crashed into the well. The tractor driver died. When they gave his body and tractor, they found a chest at the bottom. It was just in a mountain valley, in the far west of the Light mountains.

The second treasure, found a shepherd, a well lined with stones is not typical of a foothill steppe located northwest of the Svet mountains, near the Pistachio mountains. He was interested in it and he went down 15 meters down the rope. And then he began to tap the walls. And at an altitude of 6 meters he discovered a sonorous sound. By pressing on the stone, he managed to pull it out, and there lay a well-preserved leather bag. Having picked up the find, the shepherd found there, 40 silver royal coins, 10 gold and a revolver with 21 rounds. It was probably a cache, one of foreign intelligence agents. Either German or British intelligence. So said a historian from the police, police museum, when he brought the find. Judging by the revolver, these are the weapons used by the Big Game anents. In the 20-30s of the 20th century there were many of them on the territory of Bolshoi-An.

An interesting find! So, somewhere in this place there was a cache or maybe a safe house for the agents of the Big Game ... said a historian from the police.

In the late 1920s, their activities intensified ... they didn't succeed, of course, but some of the archives and treasuries of the former princes of Small-An, who were expelled with the advent of the second empire, could be taken to the West.

- "It's interesting what was in these archives and treasuries, what did it take to send agents for this?" asked Dara.

You see, there was probably a correspondence between kings and emperors of the West who offered military assistance to Small-An in the fight against the second empire. It may contain secret information about agents left, embedded in the power structures of the second empire. And the treasures were not easy, more and more with secrets, which contained information about other treasures on the Hindu Kush, Lahore, Agra, Delhi, Karachi, Mashhad, Mazar-i-Sharif passes. Which were left by merchants and close princes for 2 centuries. With this money, mission on reconnaissance of cross-border territories from Small-An was carried out later.

- "Yes, damn it .... these treasures with history, and what else"? !!!! Noticed, thoughtfully Dara.

Well, then there was a time, such - dashing. The redistribution of the world, the sphere of influence, the interests of empires ... But such treasures really, their find, is the opening of the Pandora's box. We are treasure hunters, we do not like such finds. But the black diggers are delighted with this. But these are two different areas. One is white and the second is gray-black.

We are treasure hunters, law-abiding, taxpayers, we abide by the rules, pay duties, taxes, do not go to the "red zones", and we hand over such tricks to museums and the police. And they, black diggers, pay nothing to anyone, dig where they want, sell the finds at black auctions. But they are often caught. The truth and their findings are more amazing. So recently, about 6 years ago, black diggers found three very rich finds!
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The first coins of the 4th century AD made of gold, the treasure was valued at 700,000 euros, it was withdrawn in favor of the state, as black diggers, it was found in the "red zone", where archaeological excavations of the ancient settlement were previously carried out.

The second find was a fully preserved mammoth, found in a pebble. And just barbaric, they used the technology of washing out, with water. By the way, the mammoth is now in the Museum of Geology in the capital of Small-An.

The third find was made in the basement of the 1895 building. The building was in the old town, the capital of Small-An. In the corner, behind a thick layer of plaster, was a secret door. This door led to a staircase that went to an additional underground floor, and there ... lay salaries of icons, documents of imperial time, boxes with cartridges, rifles, two Maxim machine guns, wooden barrels 3-bucket full of gold imperial and Small- An coin, silver rupees, paise, rubles, shilling. Pictures, including Remrent and Caravaggio.

And so we, just diggers, find coins and other non-ferrous metals in the earth, our finds are not so stunning, but all honestly. Profit depends on good luck and knowledge of history, ability to navigate the terrain and work with old maps, ancient road builders, be able to read "tags", understand toponymic names. The main thing in our business is self-education.

For example, in the wells, we know that the treasures were laid at the bottom, in the walls, and also hid near the wells at a distance of 10 cm to 5 meters. At the bottom of the Sardob underground reservoirs that appeared during the Arab period under the Abbasids, sometimes you can also find treasures or coins from 1500-1700 there.

Sometimes you can find finds in hollows or on branches of old trees ... but not in our case. Here in Small An, many trees were cut down in the 19th century, at the beginning and in the middle of the 20th century ... and after that they began to cut down and use the trees in cities and villages. So there are practically no old trees left. Only those who defend the highlanders, villagers or townspeople saw trees unattended. and then they make furniture, parquet or just use food for restaurants for cooking. And hi...

In ancient guidebooks they wrote that in pebbles near floodplains of rivers, on islands on rivers you can find old treasures, since there were fortresses there in the 6-8th centuries. But now it's all in the past, the predatory use of nature leads to the fact that dishonest businessmen simply begin to rake out the gravels of the floodplain, to produce gravel for construction purposes. As a result, ugly floodplains, dirty, without pebbles, during mudflows, this leads to casualties. Since the integrity of the floodplain is violated. With these businessman fight, but without much success. When money matters more than anything else, then money decides everything.

So treasure hunters, there are only mountains, steppes, plains, and in the city you can't really work. Since there are more restrictions and rules that cannot be violated. Is that only in wastelands, which at the end of the 19th century were still residential neighborhoods. In the private sector, in the analysis of houses. There are just interesting finds ....


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