Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
73 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 13
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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73 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 13

If we talk about local history ...

- "Hey, dear historian, why suddenly local history? We were talking about treasures and search work" Dara was indignant.

Uh, well, you give, hand-to-face, it's all fully interconnected.

The treasure hunter should have a good knowledge of the history of the region where he will search. The search engine differs from the treasure hunter in that it is configured to lift not only coins and jewelry from the earth and water, but also related metal things - buttons, harness, buttons, sleeves, watches, cutlery, bottles, knives, swords. arrowheads and spears, etc. There are local historians who know where in the city there are interesting and old houses. They help treasure hunters and search engines. They often have copies of old maps, historical materials. Philothelists are also associated with them - those who collect stamps, numismatists - those who collect coins and banknotes. There are also Faleristics - those who collect badges and medals. There are many kinds of collectors - collectors, for example, there is also a philamenist who collects stickers from matchboxes and matches and jars themselves. For all this, you can earn good money if you know where and how much. Everyone has their own communities, forums, auction sites. Sometimes an ordinary can of the mid-19th century, but a limited edition with the stamp of the manufacturer, can be sold for $ 100! And some unique bottles of the late 10th century Taka all 250 dollars! This is in a country where the average salary of a person with higher education is 200 dollars! Can you imagine, Dara, what kind of money is this? For one study, earn as much as 1 month of work in 240 hours!

- Eeee, Historian, why do you work like this for 6 days and why for 10 hours, according to the labor law, an 8-hour working day is prescribed!

Well, you frame! Who works formally, everyone works in fact! Moreover, 2 hours for processing are not paid.

- Here, ass !!! It's good that I decided to work for myself! Dara said.

Well, not the fact that you will work less, maybe more! Sarcastically remarked, Historian.

Well, come on, let's go back to our topic, and so there are unique badges for which you can easily earn $ 20, and if it's a series and it's complete, then $ 1,000.

Some collect tiles. Sometimes you go into an old house, but you don't pay attention to the floor and the railing. And there the treasure itself is, right under your feet, no one notices and does not see it.

- what is it? What a treasure? How much is it?

These are the tiles themselves, they still remain from the time of the king, that is, they are already 150-170 years old. Not all tiles are unique, there are benzyls and on the back there are stamps from factories, some of which can cost up to $ 36- $ 45 per piece!

The times of 1917-1940 were turbulent, denunciations, anonymous letters, those who were rich, from the tsarist or princely aristocracy, nobles, they were taken to camps. The property was confiscated in favor of the state. Therefore, they already knowing that they would come to them, hid their wealth, not far ... and this was their house. They lived in three to four story houses. Under the tiles, sometimes you can find small caches, sometimes they are empty and sometimes there are old orders of precious metals, silver and gold coins, precious stones or just some kind of clock, keys ...

The second thing you should pay attention to is forged lattices, they are branded, sometimes such lattices - forged lattices can cost up to 2500 dollars, if they are from famous masters.

It is worth looking at the top of the buildings, sometimes there may be an old stucco molding with the arms of the previous owners, under it, the master clavs left for luck gold and silver coins, a little 1 or 2.

Some houses that are already scrapped or crumbling, they are usually already checked for the presence of treasures ... heaps and pits are visible everywhere. Obviously someone was already digging, looking. Yes, the rule, of good taste, a kind of ethics of treasure hunters and search engines, is to bury pits after finds.

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But they sometimes leave the chimneys unnoticed. If you look at them they are made of metal, delicate, delicate, exquisite work and the stove is the same. They cost money, if the condition is working, then you can earn 500-600 dollars. And when analyzing the furnace exhaust system, it is quite possible to find a small cache with silver and copper coins, less often gold.

There are among the fraternity of collectors who collect pocket caledari, they are called Filotaimists. Some pocket calendars of 1880 can be sold to connoisseurs for $ 30-100. Of course, cultural heritage should not be valued only with money, but this is the world of the market, without determining the price, its significance will not be understood.

Sometimes, for an old and interesting key to a door or a chiffoner, you can earn a couple of tens of dollars, their collectors are called coplephilists.

Collectors of the sea ... everything that man created, people collect, some collect mail strains, old radio phones, computers, labels from wine, cognac, cheese ... there are many wonderful people ... but they can also sell all this for good money.

Once, in an old house, an abandoned house, we found cheese trio labels, it was from Switzerland, can you imagine this in our country, in a remote area, in the mountains? !!!

Labels were dated 1908! Then we looked at the auction site, the price was $ 160 for 1 piece !!! You imagine!

In the same place we saw the prices for old labels from 1898 cognac; they cost generally 450 dollars! It's a pity that we didn't find such.

By the way, there are treasures in the city, these are sewer hatches in our capital, Small-An, the first of them date from 1896. Sometimes they can be sold for 450-700 dollars.

Sometimes it's worth visiting second-hand book dealers ... there ...


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