Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
75 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 15
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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75 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 15

Pistachio, Fish, Light, and the Habitats of the Robbers.

In all the mountains, the first people swarmed at the beginning of the Late Paleolithic.

- "Yes, this is something about 48 thousand years ago," Dara proudly remarked.
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Well done, what do you know, the history of your region. But let me continue. These people settled in mountain valleys that were free of snow and ice. Then the climate and, accordingly, the relief, the general landscape was different from today.

On the wound extended a huge lake, the remains of the Tethys of the Tertiary Sea. In this huge lake, which was about 200 km wide and about 800 km long, from 2-10 meters deep to 60 meters deep. It was salty. Sharks were still swimming in it ... small. But at the time of Tethys there were larger sharks, 60 meters long and 9 meters wide. You can still find all of their teeth, petrified, black at 15-27 centimeters on the slopes of the western tip of the Svet Mountains.

People were protected in the mountains from large animals. Such as herds - a primitive bull, a large deer, wild elephants and woolly rhinos. By that time there were not so many of them, but it was quite enough for still weak human tribes.

Wolves, bears, cave tigers lived in the mountains, and cave lions have already died out, snow leopards and mountain hyenas have taken their place ...

- "and on the cave paintings, these animals are not!" put in, Dara.

Cave paintings appeared in that locality only 3,500 years ago, that is, in the Bronze Age, a fool, the historian remarklessly remarked. Do not interrupt my story.

"Good". Reluctantly said, Dara.

So, in the mountains they began to live, hunt, fish, and slowly developed.

In these mountains there are archaeological sites of different times - the Bronze Age, the iron, copper ...

The first modern people settled in the mountains at the beginning of 589 BC. They bred in mountain valleys and carried out selection of walnut and berry trees ...

- "Uh, dear, Historian, what about treasures and coins?" He asked, Dara.

What, you impatient ... will you and treasures, and coins, and precious stones, and even more and more valuable, old manuscripts that have no price and ...

... but about this later, I must tell you about the history of the mountains themselves, so that you can understand what I found in them, more valuable things than gold and precious stones. For you ... as a farmer!

- "Ahhhhh, I seem to understand what you mean!" Yelled, Dara ...


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