Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
77 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 17
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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77 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 17

Special knowledge ?! This is actually - ancient information about the seeds, about the introduction, about the history of the development of seedlings, as the selection went. Sometimes I find ancient manuscripts in the mountains, in old mines and mines. They are in Arabic, but not modern but old. It is good that at the university, in the 5th year, we were taught ancient Persian and Arabic.

- "Is it true that all those who graduated from foreign languages ​​and know the languages ​​of the East, were freelance employees of the deep drilling complex?" Suddenly asked, Dara.

Well, well, you brother, give ?! Where did you get this information, even the Historian choked.

"Well, the cousin told me, and they were told to them by the head of the bank's security service, he worked in the second main security department during the second empire." Said Dara.

Eeee ... brother, well, maybe he's right ... but we had a history department and not a foreign language ...

... so, what am I talking about? Ahh, and so, thanks to this knowledge and my work on dissolution for 17 years, which, by the way, I did not defend. I can read these ancient texts.

Approximately they date from 8-9 centuries and 11-12 centuries. They were especially carefully preserved, hidden in the very depths of the passages. The entrances were carefully sealed, first with bricks from adobe, then with stones, then grasses poisonous to horses and shrubs with thorns were planted.

This was done in order to preserve the mine and hide knowledge. During the occupation of the Mongols of Genghis Khan, the masters and miners thought that they could return in a year or two ... but apparently they could not ... could not pass on the information about the hiding places to their comrades. So these mines were forgotten, and stood closed for 9 centuries!

These manuscripts contain the quintessence (essence) of all knowledge about the nature of that time, selection methods are described in detail, seed samples are left, from where these seeds were obtained. This knowledge is truly invaluable! Since they also contain practical descriptions, from which this or that plant, tree, fruit, root crop heals. Detailed prescriptions for the preparation of medicines and probably the first attempts to prepare a healthy or even more likely medical nutrition have been written!

In addition to the fact that these mines contained gold veins or diamond tubes, and sometimes even interspersed with lalas, that is, rubies! From the point of view of the treasure hunter, this is a minus for me, since in our Small-An, any cryptic resource does not belong to the land owner but to the state. In fact, having paper from the cadastre or valuation (for rural areas) - the owner of the land, only rents it, can sell it, but everything that is inside the bowels belongs to the state. So the manuscripts are mine, but I have to hand them after reading and making copies to the museum of manuscripts, I can't sell them, since this is a cultural heritage. And I must inform the committee of geology about the mines found ... But from this, they will not give me anything.

That is, on the one hand, we have a market economy in Small Ahn, but not capitalism, since on the other hand, the old format laws on a planned economy are still in force, which restrict private property rights.

But I have the right, as the one who first found these manuscripts, to use this information for themselves.

During the time spent in the research, I went around all the mountains, mountain valleys, ridges ... I made a map ... maps ... the location of ancient, relict trees and plant remains. Surprisingly, they survived, in inaccessible or rather hidden from people's eyes, small mountain gorges, which even the highlanders know little about.

And there it was these ancient plants and trees, hazels ... Their fruits really differ from modern ones. They are more full of energy, more refined taste, after eating them I feel a long time after that, a good finish. These nuts not only improve brain function, but also increase a person's immunity very well!

So, why don't you, Dara, use these plants on your farm ?!

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"Oh, but who will check them? Suddenly they have side effects?" Dara answered doubtfully.


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