Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
78 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 18
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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78 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 18

Who will check the data? Surprisedly asked, Historian.

You do not have enough of the names of outstanding physicians of the East, whose yen rattled all over Europe!

This is Avicenna - Ibn Sina and Amir Davlat Amasiyatsi!

"It's not enough to tell me that they lived when knowledge was on a completely different level than now," said Dara.

- "In addition, do these plants have side effects, contraindications, maybe they are poisonous, they need to be checked for harmful impurities by the presence of heavy metals and radionuclides."

- "If there is no laboratory conclusion, then all these plants cannot be used for people, for sales."

- "And the study of the content of radionuclides and heavy metals in plants is a black hole, for finance, at least it will take one month, and the price will be about $ 55,000!"

"I've just started my business, I don't have that kind of money," here Dara was a little cunning, but who tells the whole truth to a little-known person, albeit a good one. Money generally loves silence.

Well, why are you brother? Are you holding me for a village fool? The historian was offended. I also studied at universities.

Don't be afraid, everything is captured from me! We know how many expeditions there were, foreign and our local. These trees and plants, root crops, have already been studied - by geologists and chemists, and pharmacists, by my order.

In my hands, everything is paper, certificates, laboratory tests. I didn't come to you empty-handed. Not only with beautiful stories, but also with data. Together we can stir up a new business.

You, Dara, have opportunities, you have your own two shops, your own farm, as you say, everything is fast on it, it is growing very fast. This is a gift! You and I can make good money!

- "and I thought you were a" phase-shifted "(local expression for eccentricity) scientist who is alien to the benefits of civilization, and his eyes burn with fever from research, an altruist spirit, the last of the Magikans!" remarked surprised Dara.

No, no, why are you ?! Already a cuckoo? I'm not like that?! I also love to bask in comfort, I like to eat well and tasty, enjoy the benefits of civilization. But at the same time, I want to continue my scientific research, the mountains of Light and the small mountains adjoining them, this is a treasure, yes, a real treasure! Knowledge, new, that is, already ancient plants, root crops, fruit and walnut trees. Forgotten by all mines, with gold and precious stones. In these mountains there are three, according to my data, hidden storage of books! This is part of the books left by Ali Kushchi, books of Khan Ulugbek himself! These are the books of the ruler of Big An, the grandson of Emir Nassrula and his part of the treasury, with gold coins and collectible orders. And also two hiding places with gold and weapons of the king - kings, the emperor of Asia, Emir of Iron Will, the era of the 14th century! Can you imagine if I find this, I will enter my name in the history of mankind, the history of science !!!

"It's real"? He asked, Dara.

Yes! But I need money! For new devices, gadgets, more powerful quadcopters, software products and the purchase of a mobile station for receiving satellite images with a spatial resolution of 10 cm!

"And how much money?" Asked interested, Dara.

Well, at least 100 thousand dollars.

- "Not bad"! Noticed, Dara.
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- "In principle, you can pull, with successful sales!" He laughed, Dara.

- "Let's try"!

Well, you see how pleasant it is to deal with an intelligent and thirsty person, the Historian remarked happily.


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