Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
84 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 24
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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84 The historian’s thoughts on the treasure hunt technique p. 24

And what do I do not know yet? Is it possible to find old maps, find similar angles of rotation of the river network from them, tie them to a modern topographic basis. Then go to the area and check. It is possible that I can find something ... but it takes a lot of time. I hope this technique allows me to find out the rest of the keys to the secret of the King of Asia! And his wealth! Then I will become rich and influential!

- "Ohhh, but you are heaven that you will be soaked, erased, taken away and won't give anything?" asked Dara smiling slyly.

Well?! Anything can happen! You are right too! Well, to hell with him, maybe I will not be the richest, but at least famous. I will sacrifice all wealth to the state!

And they will give me 25 percent of them! Then I will be just wealthy!

- "but do not forget at the end of the year, indicate in the tax dictation about additional sources of income"!

Ahhh, I forgot that I'll have to pay income tax from that ... well, then I'll just live well, which will work.

In the meantime, we are looking for ... this in itself is already interesting.

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That is, I realized that the coins give labels, this is the relief, the name of the mountains, and the name is the accumulation of petroglyphs - rock paintings, caves. And they hid in caves or mountain gorges, small, hidden from sight, which only local hunters knew and not even all the village ones.

- "Interesting, where else can you find treasures"? Said Dara.

Where? Well, in the magpies or crow's nests, but only if there was an old noble or noble family within a radius of 500 km from the nest, was the treasure buried. These birds love everything brilliant and carry to the nest. Sometimes this hobby is passed down from generation to generation in birds. If the nest is in a hollow or in the masonry of a tower, then in such a nest a researcher can find gold, precious stones, silver, coins, buttons, eyeglass frames ... And in a modern city, it will be just wire, candy wrappers, jewelry, in rare cases, modern coins or coins of the last 70-100 years.

So it all depends on the place inhabited by forty and the treasures located in this area.

Yet? Maybe in rat or mouse nests, in old houses, they were usually located in the corners of the house, in the vicinity of the pantry or under the floor, less often in the garden or under the stairs in the ground. But rummaging there is not great, you can grab some infection, fleas. Surrendered to hell! But as search engines say, sometimes there they found whole treasures with gold coins and precious treasures in the amount of 50,000 - 700,000 dollars. Or maybe it's just tales of treasure hunters ?! Who knows?

Hmm, the historian wrinkled his forehead, scratched the back of his head, and uttered - yes, I remembered, the treasures can still be along the cliffs of ravines or at their bottom. But I think I already told you about this. But this applies equally to the old riverbeds, in the cliffs of the banks where there were whirlpools, sometimes at the bottom of 30-40 centimeters, one could find wooden boxes or jug ​​jugs with coins and precious stones. And, surprisingly, they hid not only gold and silver, but also copper and bronze.

Sometimes in a dry source, in addition to coins, I find a bunch of well-preserved flakes and flint knives and arrowheads. Apparently in antiquity, hunters hid in hiding places what they considered to be wealth.

Sometimes, you know, it's worth calling the main road to the village from the plain to the mountains. From the slopes of the mountains, part of the treasures washes away during rains ... and they fall onto the road and the drainage ditch near the roads. So sometimes I go with a metal detector along these roads. The finds are surprisingly not only modern coins but also which are already 300-600 years old. So far, I have never found gold, mainly copper and, less commonly, silver.

Under the bridges, the village, they are usually made of wood and clay, sometimes around them or under them you can find coins.

Promising places in the city are old city parks, canals, slopes to them, the private sector, since they gave the land for construction from old cemeteries, officer gardens, infantry, arterelia headquarters, Cossack battalions - the first imperial empire. During the demolition of old houses, as usual, 2 meters of land are excavated by an excavator and replaced with new land. And houses are given for analysis, then old bricks are sold to the countryside at one-third of the price, iron is sold in metal, 1 kg costs 37 cents. They buy old porcelain from the house for a cheap price - all for $ 5, steel or nickel silver cutlery for $ 4-7 per set. Crystal in a set - Czech goes for 25-30 dollars. In an average house, there are from 10,000 to 20,000 bricks; they are sold if the usual red or yellow kilns are kilned, 1 kg for 30 cents, but if these are royal bricks, with factory clems, then piece by piece for 1-5 dollars and simple ones without stamps for 30-40 cents for 1 pc. And if it is clay bricks burned in the sun, then 1 kg is valued at 5-9 cents. Namely, at this moment, you need to talk with the owner of the house, and say, come on, 50 to 50, if I find something we will share. Not always, but sometimes there are unexpected finds in these clay bricks, the previous owners hid gold and silver, sometimes diamonds or rubies, emeralds.

And sometimes corny cartridges from a rifle or revolver. So, somewhere in the house one could find the weapon itself ... the headache of the finder and the owner himself. Since, according to the law, they must be immediately handed over to the nearest police station, so that they will not be imprisoned for 10 years. Those who voluntarily surrender weapons will not be charged with work. But a lot of fuss over the change. Therefore, search engines really do not like to find weapons. They can simply throw out cartridges ... and if they find a cache of weapons from the civil war of 1920-1929 ... then this is an ass ... the most terrible thing for a search engine, the money from this is zero, and paper fuss and loss of time for at least 1 week .

In the land, from the garden and house buildings, there is basically all garbage iron, but sometimes you can find a couple of curious coins or buttons. And since the First World War or even the end of the 19th century.

If these were the dachas of officers of the tsarist army, then you can find all sorts of flasks, cartridges, hilt hacks and rapiers. The remains of revolvers and sometimes guns, both hunting and rifles. Golden buttons, knives, forks ... and horseshoes ...

On the slopes of the city canals, sometimes there are modern knives, pistols ... the skeletons of burnt cars are a new headache, but who needs it. Therefore, there they are mainly looking for only the most stubborn of the treasure hunters. But fuck it gave up.

Modern new buildings mainly in the city center are built on ancient cemeteries.

But the roads are asphalt, along the central streets of the city, on the site of the city blocks of the old and new royal cities. That is, at least the 15th century - the middle - the end of the 19th century. So, there at a depth of 2-3 meters, something can be found, including old treasures.

In old buildings of the 18-19th century - the beginning of the 20th century and houses built in the 30-40s, the level of treasure finds is high. These are mainly royal and princely coins of silver, copper, less often gold, jewelry, silver plate as well as ... manuscripts, in Arabic, icons, salaries, paintings, paintings ... stocks, securities, sometimes memoirs .. but often they don't find them.

Sometimes you can find manuscripts hidden in hollow beggars in furniture, in secret drawers, in chests, coins and old cards are hidden behind iron decorative upholstery. In the pipes of bicycles and motorcycles.

Under the floor, in the ventilation hole, steel Finnish SS, German pistols, limonki, fascist orders and coins, stamps with a swastika, small paintings by European masters, as well as old prayer books of 12-14 centuries in Latin and German can be hidden… these are trophies of the Second World War war, for some reason not given to the state or the police by their masters.

Sometimes, behind a simple picture of an unknown artist, famous works of the 15-17th centuries can be hidden. Which are worth millions of dollars. But I heard that, said the historian from the guys on the forum of seekers. Since a simple person does not understand a damn thing about these subtleties.

- "And you earn a lot, as a treasure hunter"? asked Dara.

In general, as you know ... I make the main money on my YouTube channel. Advertising, for 1 week, 1 month, 3 months. I get $ 500 for 1 month, I can sell lines for $ 35, mentioning the company in the video for $ 50 at the beginning and 15 in the middle. And sales at auction, well, in one month there are finds for 25 dollars in another, so generally for 3 dollars, and sometimes you will tear off the cash of 100-300 dollars. I only once found a treasure worth $ 15,800. Well, probably still to come ...


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