Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
86 Time transfer and opening of your own shop
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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86 Time transfer and opening of your own shop

Dara, during his stay in the mountains of Light, learned a lot about history and treasure hunting. Mountains of Light had many old names. Why is this all? Thought Dara.

On that day, the Moon entered the shadow of Jupiter ... it was the 11th lunar day, the Fountain ... the planets lined up in a row, which was ... necessary to activate the system ... which worked once a century ...

In the center of the mountain there was a peak with the name "Beginning of Life" in the ancient Turkic language, it was located in the center of the entire mountain system. The mountains themselves were called "Light" in Arabic. In the far east there was an ancient lake with the name "Sky" in the Aramaic, in the far west there was a tree that was at least 1,500 years old, and for some reason it bore the Chinese name Jin - "Gate", in the far north there is a source on "Arasan "in Sanskrit it means" Holy source. "In the extreme south," Bogdo Agyz, "a mixture of Tibetan and Persian languages ​​is the Holy Entrance.
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Why such strange names? And also mountain gorges with the names "Guess Topmas" and "Godai Topti", which means the beggar will not find and the beggar found. Why is this all?

Or am I thinking too much?

Thinking about this, Dara did not notice the low beam, in the house where he was staying in a mountain valley, the gorge was called "Mitan" - from Sogdian it meant "fortress".

The blow was strong, the beam was made of steel, on it you could see the inscription on the Belgian "Belgian Railway" and "CREUSOT.75" 1875.

The blow of the head on the rail was so noticeable that the Dara fell on the wooden floor, a sheaf of sparks fell from his eyes and he chopped off. Lost consciousness...

... Dara waking up ... found that he was not in the house, but somewhere in the ridge, under a stone, his arms and legs seemed to be intact, but his head is hurt


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