Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
87 Time transfer and opening of your own shop p.2
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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87 Time transfer and opening of your own shop p.2

Damn, what the hell? Where am I? Why am I even here? Do I have that memory loss started again?

Dara, I started talking to myself, with my subconscious. And this is the clinic ...

- "Why again? Well, you understand, when I get very nervous or too much new information arrives, I start to forget simple things ... WHAT? What are you doing? Have you completely left the coils? NO ?! I haven't moved, I guess ... just memory buffer overflow and the cleaning system works in such a way that it removes all unnecessary information "!

Ahh, I think I hit my head, I remember, said Dara. And then, what happened then?

Maybe I went to aerate? Or went to call? And climbed the mountains to find a signal? Since at an altitude of 900 meters, the signal receives only until 9 am and in the evening you need to rise to a height of 1,500 meters. And I mean went to the mountains? To call? But why am I wearing a backpack, knife, flask? I don't understand a damn and I don't remember a fig ????? !!!

I kind of hit my head in the afternoon ... and now why the morning?

Dara, began to look around ...

... to hell with yourself? Where am I? He looked into the mountain valley "Mitan" and down there ... there was not a single house ... it just flowed more deeply than before, thick pistachio shrubs grew on the mountain slopes, guinea fowls and pheasants ran right under his feet. Yes, so thick and beautiful.

Above, somewhere at the peak of the "Five Fingers" of Dara, I distinctly saw a figure of a large cave lion on a water cut ... and then down there in the valley Primitive Bulls, Bos Primegenius, Tur! He is so huge! Pancake! What the hell is going on ?!

Tour? And in the 21st century! Yes, this can not be? !!!! I remember that the Tours lived in the late Holocene, then began to die out due to climate change, but some individuals still lived in antiquity ... and lived in 589 BC ...
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Such thoughts flashed through Dara's head ...

"oooh! Here you need to collect all the brains in a bunch, think and decide what to do?"

"need a plan"!

A click of the fingers and the brain process was started.

1. Check what is available?

2. Find out where I am?

3. Find a way to get home

4. Find a doctor and check your head

And ticking off done is great!

Dara, looked around he had a backpack and he had a standard tourist kit - a bayonet knife with 6 functions, the civilian version, unlike the special forces, had 3 functions more + a built-in gun for 6 rounds.

Well, I only have a civilian version. I can: 1. Get fire-flint, 2. bite branches or thick wire, 3. Saw, 4. Hammer, 5. Spear, 6. Ax, 7 and use as a knife.

There is a flask with water for 500 ml, biscuits, rations for 10 days, including 300 biscuits

Beef Stew 250g

Fruit and berry concentrate 75g

Natural fruit and berry puree 100g

Fruit jam 105g

Bitter Chocolate 300g

Black long tea 10g

Dry cream 2g

Instant coffee 20g

Edible salt 25g

Pepper 1g

Sugar 60g

Multivitamins, dragees 10pcs

Portable Heater 2 Kit

Matches waterproof 6pcs

Water disinfectant 10 tablets

Sublimated products (soups, milk, cocoa, cereals) - 400 g

Rusks - 200 g

Flashlight with batteries with a beam length of 100 meters.

A rocket launcher with 10 missiles, five light-noise grenades from bears, one set of a "bee" of civilian weapons with 50 steel balls in a holder, punches 10 mm steel from 50 meters. Three clips.

Walkie-talkie, android 10 Pro with 512 megapixel camera with battery for 5 days, solar panels, 2-seater tent, first-aid kit - broad-spectrum antibiotics, antiviral, antibiotics for food poisoning, immunostimulant, heart drops, blood pressure pills, blood stop medications , remedies for inflammation, bandages.

As well as...


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