Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
88 Time transfer and opening of your own shop p.3
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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88 Time transfer and opening of your own shop p.3

money, coins in 1000, 500, 100 dinars from an alloy of copper and nickel, about 10 and paper notes in 100,000 dichrums. The rate was 300 dichrums for 1 US dollar.

A couple of sweets, a pencil, a notebook, a digital action camera. And a portable quadrocopter with a coil for finding metals. The latest development of the Chinese company "Li-Ban Company LTD." A quadcopter equipped with a coil for searching non-ferrous metals and iron was intended for treasure hunting in hard-to-reach areas. And also had a fundamentally new 5D scanner, which allows spectral ranges to find non-ferrous metal in soil and soil under water. Also, the quadcopter could hook search magnets to everything in 160 kg and 300 kg. Using new composite materials and a new generation motor, a small quadcopter could lift the payload to 560 kg and fly without recharging the batteries for 8 hours. The new technology, still being tested, was a test sample. With the self-blowing function, if someone wanted to see his chips and other nodes. The modern world was so simple and complex at the same time!

It seems I skidded in the wrong direction, Dara thought.

But alright, you need to go down to the valley ... and there, on the ground, find out what and how.

I do not believe in all these fantastic nonsense about moving and sliding into parallel universes!

And how can I get from the 21st century to hell knows what century and era, it's just not possible, not scientific, it's bullshit, that is, frank nonsense!

It's one thing to watch manga, the second to read a short story, but in reality it's schizoid garbage! This cannot be the point!

If you think logically, I just put in my "bowler" well and temporarily chopped off. Maybe fainted or maybe fell asleep. The main thing is to wake up in time! And for this you need to apparently complete some kind of quest in this state!

As Carlos Castaneda said, and by the way, you don't know him? Does he look like Sri Arubindo Ghosh? The same revolutionary who rejected the path of violence and became the founder of Integral Yoga! And who is Castaneda? This is ... Carlos Sesar Salvador Aranya Castaneda - American writer, Ph.D. in anthropology, ethnographer, extract from Wikipedia. Well, his works came to us from the Second Empire, and from a scientific journal ... in short, he said that you can "control your sleep." And indeed it is possible!

So, let's manage this state here too! hey subconscious, where are you?

- ahh, I'm here, what do you need older?

ABOUT! Are you here system

- The system? Now I ran! What the hell system? This is not myths and fiction for you, this is a new universe!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaah! I do not understand anything!

"Why understand?" Your head is attached to the magic rail, in other words, you have a concussion! And your mental consciousness is separated from the body. Have you already had the same? Is not it so? In the university years? What about Dara? Do not remember?

YES! Are you right or are you right?

- Right? Right! I am the mental dryness of your soul. I generally IT!

- Well, remember? Ah, said the subconscious tiredly.

Yes! I remember! I became interested in the Zen practices of Chan Buddhism, and left during medical treatment for 30 minutes in Nirvana!

And it seems that I was first mixed up around the city and then went into a pillar of energy like a space elevator, it pulled me into an unfamiliar universe!

But I thought, then, that it's just stress, fatigue, accumulated after cramming three volumes of the History of the Ancient World, with a total of 5600 pages! And I thought that temporarily, my brain turned off and I fell asleep and I had a wonderful dream!

- No, no, you did not disconnect and it was not a dream, you were transported to another world. As you know, there are 22,000 worlds. Just humanity does not have access to them.

Yes, I know that there are 22,000 worlds. Interestingly, that is, my mental essence is now right in one of these worlds?

- Well, like that ... this one of the worlds, just the Earth, only during the Late Holocene period, its final phase, namely the period of Antiquity! Only not 589 BC, as you thought, but 05 AD ...

- So, welcome to the world that you just read about, now you can live and feel it with all the fibers of the soul!

And if I step on a butterfly?

- Uh, this is not science fiction, this is not Ray Bradbury ... step on, eat tours, make a kebab of pseudopods, endemic of the 21st century, listed in the Red Book, and here you knife to enjoy them, they are teeming with them!

This is great, although I don't really like fish, but if there are a lot of fish, sturgeon, then why not try it ?!

By the way, you didn't answer. Are you in charge here?

- No, as in all worlds ...

Clear. But can I call for something here?
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- Sure! No problem! This is here your only mental essence! In fact, your body is now lying on the carpet, on the floor you are off. So have fun while you have the opportunity!


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