Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
89 Time transfer and opening of your own shop p.4
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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89 Time transfer and opening of your own shop p.4

Well, let's go have fun!

Are there people here? What language do they have? What money is in use?

- Money denarii, gold, silver, copper, bronze.

- 1 denarius is equal to 36 dichrums in silver, 1 dichem is 77 tenge in copper, 1 tenge is 109 bronze pools .... well, something like that.

- There are people, the society is still slave-owning ... slaves live in higher mountain gorges, the owners are in the deeper inside the "Light" mountain. Language? Well, he looks something like Farsi and Aramaic ...

"But you will understand what they say."

- Just put on that wool robe on cotton wool, and put on another one under it, the one that is velvet with gold threads, remove the scarf, tie it over the bottom robe. Hang a bayonet knife on it, put a hat with fur on the head that was recently presented to you in the steppe, attach a purse to the belt on the right side, drop your modern coins, and some pebbles if you have sweets and some medicine .

- Take the backpack in your right hand ... now go down to the valley ....

"So they will take you for a merchant or merchant." Prepare a legend and think about the first time you will trade ...
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"Then they will take you for a master and not a slave!"

- show your strength! So that they penetrate and respect you!

- This is an era when people value strength and not just mind!

- The era of status, it shows strength!

- The era of the heyday of the clans!

-The era of trade!


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