Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
90 Entrance to the village and “passport control“
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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90 Entrance to the village and “passport control“

And Dara went with measured gait down to the valley.

The entrance to the mountain valley was blocked by a wooden fence, more likely even resembling a gate. They looked like a modern wooden staircase to which barbed wire was tied ... but instead of jelly, there were tied shrubs of roses and mountain pistachios with thorns.

Nearby stood a small hill crowned by a slate fortress. A small fortress for 10 people.

Dara, I saw five arrowheads looking at him ... and 20 bright, black, gray and green eyes.

"Who are you a stranger"? "The purpose of your visit to the mountain valley"?

"Are you there?" "Your name"? "Your kind"? "Your country"? "Do you have a product"? Do you have a weapon? "Present your tamga!"

- Both on! Fuck! This is antiquity! And they have their own passport control! What the hell ????

- Well, our improvisation is everything! I thought to myself Dara.

- I'm a type of merchant, sent by my clan to study the market, supply and demand.

- Came along the trade lapis lazuli route from the country "Light" !, which lies beyond the Tien Shan, Pamir mountains and the city of Gaochan, it is near Mount Olotoo.

- Purpose of the visit? Trade! See what you have, show your products, can we trade with you?

- My name is Dara Behzod Zadeh, I am one of the merchants, my clan is not big but not small either, it is also known in Eastern Han.

"My clan, it comes from two clans of the great Naiman warriors, conquerors of the steppes and mountains, and from the clan of brown horses of the great merchants.

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- Our battle cry is "Kara the Rich Man", and tamga is the "inverted head of the bull", my tamga is it ... and Dara showed an android who has seen the species, RedMi 8 Pro, and there the background was just tamga - the inverted head of the bull . And there are our relatives in Keder!

- There is a product, Dara immediately showed a set of dry rations, on his palm appeared white salt, sugar ... other products.

"What is it"?

- Food, salt, sweet salt, spices and spices ... and food ...


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