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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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91 Joke system

- "We need spices, but food? You laugh, there are a lot of it in the mountains!"

"What else do you have?" The highlanders asked.

Well, salt, pepper, saffron, arrowheads, there is money from my country, some sweets, wonderful cures for many diseases, a magic bug, a miracle stone that can find iron in water, a sword of light, luminous balls, some magic items.

- "Ohhh, we just needed medicines and spices, and arrowheads" ...

Hey system, can I order arrowheads? Asked Dara with fright, he blurted out about them, but he didn't have them.

"Sure"! "Just imagine them!" Said sleepy system.

Damn, it seems, I became the puppet of the author of the novel, flashed into the head of Dara ... why again, as the problem arises, the author helps me, and even in such a clumsy way.

"Because you're the main character, you idiot, isn't it clear," Evil said the system. "Would you prefer to be thrown into the abyss or fed to a cave lion because you are a liar and a lover of talk a lot and do nothing?"

Well ... you're right, but everything turns out like in a cliché novel. But I generally can't imagine what arrows were in the 1st century AD?

Stone, bone and first iron, sort of.

And for some reason, the heavy arrows of the Mongolian cavalry, armor-piercing ones, which were flying 400 meters according to the stories of historical chronicles, come to my mind.

"Urgently drive them off your head ... here's a fool ... it's too late ... now they have exactly 45 pieces in your backpack" ...

"and what now the poor mountaineers will do with them ... their bows are not adapted for this" ... the system noted sarcastically.

Well ... damn you need to come up with something, but presented the image of iron tips that I saw in Robin Hood ...

"Well, you Karl, frame, this is a literary hero, not a real one!"

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But I remembered, I saw arrowheads from the "iron tree" ... "the system does not accept more and more orders."

"get out as you can" "" I'll throw you another dozen two kittens "" and then how it goes. "

Yes ... as in the world, and what will I owe you?

"A pair of your teeth!"

"And by the way, you can remove your dentures and use them as arrowheads, Ahahahhahahahhahaa!" The system started up!


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