Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
92 Conversation of Gifts and Systems and the Subconscious
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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92 Conversation of Gifts and Systems and the Subconscious

Yes! This is of course a way out! Remove a pair of titanium dentures and make arrowheads! But this is an extreme case.

And damn it, for some reason you remind me of the system, that same anecdote of the second empire. About the system that helped her master, until she once said she could spit in the face of the leader of the Canals ...

"And then what?" With malice, the System noticed.

But I don't remember! But it seems, the System said - well, get out of it yourself!

"Ahahahahahhahahahaaaa!" The system began to laugh in a voice that echoed in Dara's head.

Well, brothers, it seems this is another situation where it is better to be silent and offer less than more, Dara thought.

Well, and how do we get out of this situation? thought Dara.

His subconscious is waking up ... - "Well, you and a fellow ... Captain America"!

What? Do not understand Dara, what kind of captain America?

- "Well, you Karl, did not read the Marvelian stories about Flash, Spider-Man, Iron Man"?

No. I read "Young and Mature Years of Henry 4" and "Sunset of Europe" seem Spengler .... said Dara dejected.

- "No, well, you think, normal people watch comics, they know the basic Western cultural values, and you?" sarcastically noticed the subconscious.

"What is he?" the system intervened.

"He, geek, he is a science, and history," "plus do not forget his main friend, author of history" ... the system said with some fright.

- "Yes, I missed this factor, the author is the one who can easily get rid of us," the subconscious remarked dumbly.

- "Well, all right, then we won't try to procrastinate your eyes, just use the arrows you already have, and there, let these mountaineers themselves understand that they have such backward arrow-making techniques."

- "By the way, you know, the best Eastern proverb in this situation - Say no, get rid of the problem, say yes, and there will be problems!" The subconscious said.

"What do you need most?"
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- "I would be in your place, I would find out from them where they get gold, I hid a little gold, and then in the new world, I went and opened it!"

- "Or he would have hidden some written sources of a disappeared genus or some tools."

- "And then hop-hop, accidentally supposedly dug them when digging worms or a garden, here you have a scientific degree in your pocket!" wisely noticed the subconscious.

"And it, the case says, you Dara, don't catch the flies, let's act!" said the system.

But the truth is, they are saying a thing, the truth it probably looks strange from the side ... when I speak to myself. But I can speak English or the language of the second empire, anyway, no one will understand me in this era. But it will look strange anyway. A strange fear. And in the mountains, this is clearly not a good idea. Being a black sheep is not safe. Thought Dara.

Well, okay, we'll sell what we have, and then we'll see! Dara decided.


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