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94 Different systems of medicine Part 2
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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94 Different systems of medicine Part 2

The system is simple. Total consists of 8 levels. They are not like in your system for minerals and metals, but for types of medicinal plants. The simplest medicines are powders, the middle class is tinctures and balms, the highest class of pills, the elite class is pills. Knowledge came from the BOSS empire.

The first level is "fox grass", it is able to treat small cuts, stop blood, relieve mild inflammation.

The second level - "mummy" - is able to heal fractures, heal bruises, insert the skin, heal weakness, give strength and restore vitality.

The third level is the "soap root" - it is able to renew blood, heal light poisons, grow new hair, restore teeth, and treat purulent ulcers and wounds.

The fourth level is "the grass of a black girl," he is able to heal hearing diseases, non-seeing people can begin to see, they have a finer hearing, they can see in the dark, their intuition powers increase, they can predict events that can happen to the place where they stopped, the truth is only for the duration of the boom flight.

Fifth level - "Deer grass", he is able to give a feeble old man or old woman to raise two horses, better understand foreign languages, heals almost all diseases.

The sixth level - "Purple Flower" - it gives strength to the weak, they can raise three horses and the strength to last three days, they can be cured of all known poisons, all known diseases. This is an elite level.

There are two super-elite levels, in the BOSS Empire there are only seven such masters who were able to master these levels of "Golden Saffron", he can heal from all unknown diseases and all types of poisons, gives a person the strength to raise 5 horses and the strength to last 5 days. There is a possibility that anyone can gain the ability to hear better, at a distance of 5 li ... it is better to see at a distance of 10 li, run like a Ferghana horse for 2 days. And the last eighth level is Turquoise Mulberry. It cures all diseases, all poisons, gives the ability to anticipate for three days, it is better to hear for 10 li, it is better to see for 20 li, it allows you to run like a Ferghana horse for 10 days and raise the weight of 7 horses.

But I did not master these levels. My level is "Deer Grass", if I could find several medicinal herbs and roots, I could break into a new level of "purple flower"! But alas, I searched for a long time in all the mountains, but so far I have not found them.

By the level of preparation, I still occupy the middle class, I can prepare tinctures and balms. If I could ... level up ...

"How do you increase your level"? The highlander asked.

"It's not a secret"? The new highlander approached, judging by the appearance of the elder or the magician of the village.

Dara, by the appearance of his robe, realized that this was most likely a fire worshiper, a magician, as they were called before. And when actually before? Apparently this was in the 8th century BC, in the "Avesta" and found the mountain "Mug" that is, a magician and there is a cave in the mountains near the "Gold-bearing mountains". But now we have the first century of our era ... then this village is the remains of the previous civilization? I don't remember exactly, maybe this is part of the Andronovo culture? But not a fact. Well ... it means it's like a local monk and he has a certain weight in this village.

No, dear, this is not a secret, in the BOSS empire, the transfer of knowledge is just welcome, but the problem is to become an alchemist, you need to drink holy water. It is located in special underground reservoirs. They are located in the cities of "Half the World", "Keder", "Light", "Heavenly Palace", "Early Dawn". Three of them are in the BOSS Empire, somewhere in your place ... in the mountains of "Light of Dew", which are in the desert, from here 524 li ... and the second city "Keder" to the north at 1300 li. Although my Shifu, in Goachan, said that there is a mountain village in these mountains, there is a huge spruce tree that is three hundred years old ... and there is a small source of water near it. The water in it is always sweet, tasty, quenches thirst from the first sip, heals snakes and spiders from the poisons, and instantly heals wounds. Do you happen to know such a place?

The highlanders were at a loss ... what was this traveler talking about ... even the magician did not hear about it ... how could this alien know this too ... if they could not know?

Who are they?

The monk asked, "how to determine that place"?

On a tree, my shifu, tales, there should be scraps of matter, next to the stones are pyramids that crown the heads of rams with horns. Nearby 3 li from the source is an ancient mound and there are the ruins of a magical fortress of fairies ... the advent of light.

And the fortress was called the "Main Fortress".

The monk, for a moment there was a shortness in his eyes ... it seems he understood where it could be.

"If you drink this water, then anyone can gain knowledge of alchemy"? The monk asked with tension in his voice.

No, only comprehends the first level, in order to comprehend all six levels you need to drink water from all the underground sources. Dara said with regret.

"But you did not mention the last two?" "What do you need to drink to reach level 7 and 8"? looking thoughtfully into the distance, the monk noticed.

I heard from my cipher that in the palace of the emperor BOSS there is a fountain that is connected to the underground vault, it is called "Imperial Saffron". It is possible that after drinking from it, level 7 can be activated, and 8 is achieved as the teacher said, if you bring all 7 types of water in a special vessel hollowed out of soap root and add them together, adding saffron, mint, dew from a camel thorn, three berries of purple grapes, that grows in the courtyard of the emperor's secret guard, a medicinal herb from the Sveta mountains called "deer grass", as well as a secret component that only the emperor of BOSS knows.

"Here it is ... means," the monk said interestedly.

"Well, what kind of roots and medicinal plants are you looking for, if you call them to us, maybe we can find them in our mountains," said the monk in a fake voice.
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