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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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95 System mocks Dara

(Meanwhile, they talk to each other telepathically and the monk does not hear them ... therefore, they temporarily lingered in front of the entrance to the mountain village).

"Yeah, so tell him the truth ... well, okay, what do we have here?" thought Dara.

"And here in our mountains of Light, there is a secondary center for the settlement of Mediterranean vegetation!"

"In 2010, there were 66 endemic species," Dara went on to recall.

"And maybe let me find the licorice root, burdock root, ginseng root. Probably it was found in these mountains, but if it wasn't found, then all the better."

"All the same, there is little use for these plants, but at least we'll have some tea ... I wonder if I will taste or not at all?"

"Are you the system here?" asked Dara, not really worrying.

"Well, well, I'm here, what do you need?" At the expense of taste, of course you will feel it! The system said displeasedly.

"And if they hit me with a sword, a snake bites me, then in the real world, I will remain invulnerable" Asked interested Dara.

- Of course, that with you you become, only you can start to move a little with your mind, you will become a temporary idiot! The system said without emotion.

"hey hey don't joke like that with me" ?! "Why"? asked Dara concerned.

- And what do you want? Though mentally you are here, but everything in a person is interconnected. You'll become an idiot, only for half a year, they will be recorded in a dispensary for those who are not all right with their heads.

- Then you lie down forcibly for two months ...

"What a tin!" "What a shit!" said Dara.

- Such is life, in the former empires, all the terrible methods of suppressing consciousness remained, they were not removed, there was no time, and then they were forgotten ...

- And then a person will be registered with the police and a psychiatric clinic for two years ... they will be checked every six months. All sorts of analyzes ...

- "Fuck! What a horror, however!" "What bliss, how can one live like that, with such a treatment system?" trembling in his voice noticed Dara.

- Well, what do you want from the dark era, this is not Tao teachings, where you are taught bright wisdom, to sing good songs. This was their approach to people among the Imperials.

- So my dear ... do not be sick ... do not let yourself bite, be chopped off with a sword, work your head!

"Take me away from here"! Dara yelled into the voice.

- Do not worry, we'll pick up how you will fulfill your mission, you need to complete the quest, the system said sympathetically.

What kind of quest? Dara remarked with concern.

- Survive! To become rich, to become happy! Find out where the mine is for the extraction of native gold, find out where the diamond tubes are, find out where their archive with records is, find out which garden crops they have, hide a treasure worth 10,000 gold coins. Yes, so that this treasure is not found over the next 20 centuries ... and then, you yourself will find this treasure and ...

"... and the state will take it from me," summed up Dara.

- No, you didn't hear that two years ago, according to the amendments, a new law on treasures was adopted ... if you find that 50 percent belongs to you, if there is no real owner ... if it is an ancient treasure ... then 50 percent goes to the state, and 25 percent to the brother. That is 25 percent of the amount of the treasure to the finder and 25 percent to the farmer, the timber industry farm, the ministry to which this territory belongs. Noticed System.

- Truth. it is appropriate to note that the state itself chooses the appraiser, therefore they will be evaluated not at market value, but at a lower value. You can't leave the found treasure, you need to sell it to the state at the appointed price ... so ... with 10,000 gold you can get in the modern equivalent of the 21st century - $ 150,000. But with them you will have to pay a tax, for property, for income, for luxury, so that you get 30 thousand in your hands ... hence the conclusion, put more than 10,000 gold. Skazaoa tedious voice System.

"Here's an ass ... hell knows how much time I will spend here ... so that they don't bite me, that they don't hack and probably poison ... and do not get sick from viruses ... and somehow cut 10,000 gold quickly, find out secret information ... ass in one word "philosophically uttered Dara.
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- Well, at least it's worth a try! Noticed sacrastically System.

"Well, let's go to the people, you shouldn't lose heart, we will now gain new experience!" With emphasized bravado, he spit out this speech, Dara.

- "What do you need"? What kind of herbs? The cunning monk said.

"I need roots ..."


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