Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
96 In the turn of the big jackpo
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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96 In the turn of the big jackpo

"Licorice, soap, ginseng, preferably 500 years old, dandelion, camel thorns. All of them should grow on the southern slope, near the source of water and there must grow a hazel tree that is at least 1200 years old!" says Dara.

What else do you need? asked the monk.
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"Damn, Karl, I need money, gold, diamonds, secret knowledge, but you'll scare it so to speak, and the mountaineers will not let it go later. We'll ask cleverly. Is it interesting that they understand a lot about diamonds? Probably not? It was discovered by Indians only in the 15th century, for them diamonds are just beautiful crystals, Dara thought mentally.

"But I know where in these mountains I can find rock crystal, as I remember from the course of history, that rock crystal was valued above uncut diamonds until the 14th century!" whimpering Dara giggled.

"That means we'll get diamonds!" said mentally to Dara.

"Housing, food, drink, protection from animals, medicinal plants, mountain honey, wax, mint, communication with a wise monk!" said Dara loudly.

Well, these are all understandable conditions, and what will you give us for this? We are a hospitable people, but now the times are not the same, the plains are restless. The head of the village said.

"What should I give them? Dry rations? Gunpowder? A tent? Obviously not. But it's best to give knowledge, as the leader of the world proletariat taught us. Nobody will steal knowledge, it's valuable, useful and can bring honor and respect!" Dara thought so.

"I will share with you a recipe for preparing a very simple, tasty and long-stored dish. You can carry it with you over long distances, easy to prepare, it is very satisfying. In addition, I will share with you my experience in preparing healing balms, the simplest, not complicated "And I'll also tell you how to increase the yield of garden crops in your home." Dara said.

This is certainly good, but it seems to me that this is small, said the monk.

"Well, I will give you the crystals of the spirit, they are able to cleanse the mind, I will give you a drink that can give strength to the hunters, I will give you the miracle of crystals that will make your life sweeter!" Dara said smugly.

This is not enough! The highlander said.

Do you have money, weapons? asked the chief hunter.

"Damn, what greedy highlanders got ... maybe in ancient times they were different than now in the modern world. And ... like I got into the village of the Masters ... and they used to be arrogant ... and the time is now tough , antiquity, slave system and other garbage ... uh, you need to give them money and show your background, "thought Dara feverishly.

"Yes, I have money, for one coin of a white alchemical alloy they give 1000 gold coins of the Bossa empire," Dara brazenly lied. There was nowhere to go, he had nothing more than a couple of coins lying in his trouser pocket.

"I will give you a miracle powder, it burns itself if you strike it with flint!" said Dara.

This is not enough, but you intrigued us, we agree, agreed, the exchange will begin in the evening, come in, said the monk.

"Thank you, dear elders, I am so happy with your decision and help, I will be grateful if you would let me eat and drink!" Dara said.

"The system noticed with interest, and what will you give them gunpowder?" What kind of dish? And what kind of crystals of the spirit are they, they are capable of purifying the mind, a drink capable of giving strength to hunters, a miracle of crystals that will make your life sweeter?

- I was very doubtful about your acting and mental abilities. Giggled System noticed.

"Eh, as you press, you come up with on the go, from what is at hand," Dara answered.

"The recipe is pasta, the Arabs came up with it only in the 9th century AD, so if I give them this recipe there will be no problems. Spirit crystals are rock crystal. Drink - saffron, amber sugar, imir, mint, licorice root, and you can Nichaldu cook if they have eggs ... gunpowder? No, I will cut sulfur from the matches, plus I will add amber sugar, a little powder from the squib for self-defense "wasp" so that the volume will increase, and by the time they require I hope from here I'll return to my previous body or find a way to escape. if you use the system, it is amber sugar. This is dew of a camel thorn (yantak), a yellowish sticky liquid appears on the leaves, in the evening it hardens and turns into small grains. Collect amber manna in late August - early September. Syrup is boiled from manna, and this must be done early in the morning so that the manna does not melt. Plus, as you know, it has some still poorly studied properties, but doctors of the 9-11th century wrote that it helps to cleanse and soften the throat and lungs, and also helps with coughing, easily dissolves yellow bile and uto thirsty. Modern chefs prepare this sugar like this: Manna, cleaned of litter, then put in a boiler, pour a small amount of water, put on fire. In another bowl, boil carrots, quinces chopped into small strips, pour dissolved amber sugar, continue to cook until cooked. The finished syrup acquires a dark pink color, and the carrots and quinces in it do not float to the surface and are evenly distributed in the syrup. Before cooking, add vanilla pod or 3-4 saffron stamens to the syrup. " says Dara.

"Well, I'll tell how to make fertilizers in the conditions of the rainfed zone, you can teach them how to make slingshots, and use animal veins as rubber, but you need to think about this ?! And I remember from history, in antiquity, wheat and flour were already in use porridge, porridge from millet, liquid soup and meat broth. Widespread use of milk for cooking porridge is not excluded. " Noticed Dara.

"Well, what are we going to trade and get rich"? said in anticipation of Dara.


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