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98 Silk Road in 7-8 centuries
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
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98 Silk Road in 7-8 centuries

Already at the beginning of the 7th century, the Stone Country was known to the Chinese, and its owner was considered one of the vassals of the Chinese Tang Empire.

In the middle of the 7th century, the main routes along the Silk Road Ptui land moved due to the actions of the Western Turkic Hagagat, from the side of Smvll Ann, to the north towards the Stone Country and Davan).

Which undoubtedly weakened the influence of Small Ann, since through whom the Silk Road went, he acquired new technologies and money that merchants left in the country of transit.

The northern of them went from the Stone Country to the steppe regions of the Country of 7 rivers and further to Dunhuang, which was supported by the Turks, since it brought great income to the Kaganate.

The stone country exported gold, colored salts, turquoise, armor, weapons, carpets and fabrics. Coins of other countries were actively used in trade - from Byzantium to China.

Since the beginning of the half of the 8th century, significant changes have occurred. As a result of the Tibetan invasion of Western China over several decades (60-90s of the 8th century), the entire central section of the Great Silk Road, from Yizhou to the Gansu Corridor, falls under Tibetan control. All this created serious impediments to land transcontinental trade and cultural contacts, which were rapidly declining. The consequence was the intensification of traffic along the old road linking Western China with Mongolia.


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