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99 Trade between Small-An and China
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Stories about merchants or cunning merchant
Author :canisvulpes
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99 Trade between Small-An and China

In Big An and Small An, in the 10th century they already knew how to make silk, wool and cotton fabrics, which were oriented towards export to China and Persia.

In those days, silk was paid taxes and paid tribute. And earlier, for 16 centuries, silk was valued even higher, since it was not enough. Silk paid for the services of hired troops, bought horses.

For one piece of silk, you could buy five strong oxen or one Ferghana horse. Already in the 7th century AD, one Ferghana horse cost 9 pieces of silk and an ordinary horse only 4.5 pieces.

Some 14 centuries ago, there was very lively trade between Small-An and China, the ways of resettlement of the Huns, Yuezhi from east to west. Thanks to the Silk Road, silk manufacturing and production technologies from China were transferred to Sogdiana and Bactra. And the Chinese borrowed the technology for the manufacture of glass, glaze and the cultivation of watermelons, melons, grapes, pomegranate, beans and alfalfa.

The Silk Road brought good income to everyone!

The peak of the growth of economic ties between Small-An and China was during the reign of Emperor Zhu-Di, the son of Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhuang, the founder of the MIN dynasty.

The length of a piece of silk was regulated by a special law, during the time of the Khan Empire, the cut width was 0.5 meters and a length of 9 meters.

Silk was coming from China, and Arab and Iranian woolen fabrics, tapestries, rugs, and carpets were exchanged in China.


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